2017 Santa Shuffle Race Recap

I’m not a huge fan of large short distance races, especially if I’m going to be pushing the stroller in a crowd.  But my daughter started talking very excitedly about the race with all the Santas she had done the year before (see picture below).  I knew I wanted to do the Yule Light Up the Night Race and my husband wanted to do the Thankgiving 5k, so I decided I would run the Santa Shuffle as part of the holiday hat trick.

The race is in the afternoon shortly before the Manchester New Hampshire Santa Claus Parade.  The event had a kids race called the Elf Run which ran 45 minutes before the race.  We rushed over to pick up our bibs and make it to the Elf Run.  My son ran in the 4 and under category.  He clung to my hand with both his hands and forced us to the center of the chute when he realized that there were cheerleaders on both sides (terrifying).

My daughter refused to run in the elf run because she hadn’t finished putting on her Santa Suit.

Because the race is a family event, I chose to run the race with both kids in the double BOB stroller. My son fell asleep before the race started (he had swimming and gymnastics that morning).  Because I had the double stroller, I had no goals for the 3 mile race.


The race follows the same route as the Santa Claus Parade as a 3 mile out and back. Everyone is issued a Santa suit which most people choose to wear (my daughter wore my suit). We actually got to see a few of the floats on our way back.

The best part of this race is the social aspect. Because the race is followed by a parade, people are setting the best places to watch the parade. I saw many of my friends along the route and my daughter got to give out lots of high fives to bystanders from the safety and warmth of her stroller.


We finished the race.  The kids were apparently starving so I got them some yogurt and pizza.  I was cold so luckily the kids chose to go grocery shopping instead of seeing the parade.

Location: Manchester, NH

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 34:30.5

Division Place: 109/204

I’m hoping that next year my daugher will be more interested in participating than riding 🙂


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