5 Fall Half Marathons in New Hampshire

I’m a bit of a half marathon lover.   I think on some of my social media profiles I call myself a Half Marathon Conaisseur.  And my favorite season for running is without a doubt fall.  When I’m not injured I try to maximize the number of Half Marathons I get to participate in during the Fall months.  We really have some amazing ones in New Hampshire.  There’s some by the coast, and some on country roads, there’s even one in our largest city.


Throw in New Hampshire’s famous Foliage, maybe go apple picking after the race, and you’ve got a great vacation destination race too.

So without further ado,  here’s 5 Half Marathons worth running during Autumn in New Hampshire.

1. Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon – October 1st, 2017, Loco Races, Hampton Beach
New Hampshire doesn’t have a lot of flat areas.  So our relatively low elevation gain Marathons are on the seacoast.  I’ve never done this one (I was registered for it when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my eldest and a nor’easter as blowing through), but its on the same course as my favorite winter half marathon the Winter Half at the Hamptons.  It’s a beautiful easy course and the last several miles are run along the ocean coast.
Great if you love finishing your race with a dip in the ocean, and a festival at the end.635948397631753201.jpg

2. Traveler’s Half Marathon – October 1st, 2017, Millennium Running, Loudon to Concord
The first year this race was held people were disappointed because it had initially been billed as a downhill half marathon.  It’s a net downhill course from the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon (where our NASCAR races are held) to Concord, NH near our statehouse.  Most of the course is on a beautiful country road with rolling hills.  The hills are not bad if you are expecting them.
Great if you love point-to-point marathons and rolling hills.


3. Manchester City Half MarathonNovember 12th, 2017, Millennium Running, Manchester
I’ve never done this one either, but I’ve run the half marathon course in training more than once.  Manchester is our largest city, it’s also a very hilly city.  The half marathon is run at the same time as the marathon.  It’s held a little later in the fall, so you are generally guaranteed cooler temperatures.
Great if you need city running to keep you interested and don’t mind hills.

4. Seacoast Half Marathon – November 12, 2017, Portsmouth
If you can’t handle hills but still want to run a half in November in a cute smaller city, Seacoast might be for you.  I haven’t run it, but several of my friends adore the race.  Portsmouth is a wonderful town to visit.
Great if you like running in a cute city with limited hills

5. Wolf Hollow Half Marathon – November 20, 2017, 3C Race Production, Nashua
I had to include at least one “trail” half marathon in this list.  Wolf Hollow Half Marathon is held on the relatively easy trails of Mines Falls Park in the Heart of Nashua NH.  Its 2 loop race, but there’s several places were friends can come meet up with you to cheer you on.
Great if you are looking for an easy trail half marathon.


BONUS: Jingle Bells Half Marathon, December 10, 2017, Loco Races, Atkinson
I know that early December is technically part of Fall, but one year it was so cold at this race that I almost brought my husband to the ER for frostbite after.  The couple times I have run this race have been much more pleasant.  Although it’s a hilly course (which finishes on a huge uphill), it’s also where I got my Half Marathon PR.  It’s a beautiful country course.
Great if you don’t mind risking cold, like hills and love running in the countryside.


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How do you feel about the Half Marathon Distance?

Which Fall Half Marathons are you aiming for? I may have to live vicariously though others this year 😀

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  • I did the Manchester City Half Marathon. I remember it being chilly but enjoyed the pretty colors of the leaves. Also, I loved it because I met Kathrine Switzer at the expo.

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