5 Reasons I’m Thankful for Fitness

With American Thanksgiving over, I hope you are spending today exactly as you want.  Whether it be shopping till you drop or opting outside.  I’m drafting this post ahead of time, so I’m hoping to get outside for a hike today.  But who knows with the unpredictable New Hampshire Weather.

Thankful was last week’s Friday Five topic, but I chose to move it to  this week.  I’m Linking up this post with the Friday Five 2.0 with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness

Fitness has brought me so much over the years.  Here’s 5 reasons I’m thankful for the opportunities and connections I have made through fitness.

1. Family

I met my husband on a hike in New Hampshire known as the Presidential Traverse.  The hike follows a portion of the Appalachian Trail (but hits all the peaks instead of skirting them).  Over 23 miles it hits some of the tallest peaks in our state.  There’s 8 peaks along the route that are on the 4000 footers list including the tallest in the Northeastern United States, Mount Washington.  Along 23 miles the hike covers 9,000 ft of elevation gain.

If I didn’t go through a “drive many miles to hike every weekend” phase I might not have met my husband.  So I’m grateful for hiking for giving me my family.

Thanks to Kirsten Wojciechowski (Wojophoto) for capturing real life with these two monkeys.

2. Community

I lived in New Hampshire for many years without really knowing anyone.  It’s hard to make friends in an area like New Hampshire.  A lot of people stay their whole lives and have longstanding friends.  When I started running again after Little A was born I met a woman who encouraged me to join her online running group.

That group has helped me get to meet a community of women involved in a sport I like in the location I like.  For that I am thankful for running.

3. Education

I went to school on a rowing scholarship.  I worked my butt off for that scholarship and I like to think I was a valuable member of that team.  But rowing paid for my education in engineering.  Which lead to my career as an engineer.  For that I am thankful for rowing.

4. Strength

There are things I have done with fitness that have shown me how strong I really am.  I have the physical and mental strength to tough out a marathon on an injured ankle.  Some days sticking to an hour on the erg can be a huge mental game.  If I can finish these things, I have the resilience to do the hard things in life.

For that I am thankful for the workout that require me to tough things out.

5. Enjoyment

Some fitness activities have no real goal other than to try something new.  Sure zumba is a great workout and my legs burn after aerial yoga, but the primary reason I do them is because I have fun mixing things up.

For that I’m thankful for the exercises I do solely for the fun of it.

Why are you thankful for fitness?

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