Crazy for Crazy Compression

It’s no secret that I’m Crazy for Crazy Compression socks (I know, cheesy).  But did you know that I was first introduced to the company through a blogger giveaway?  Well today I’m giving you a chance to do the same.

I didn’t win that first giveaway.  But I already had a few pairs at home by the time the contest ended.  I was blown away by the fun patterns and the low cost of the socks (especially because they are made in the USA).  I may have been invoice number 37 or something equally low.

I have loved watching Crazy Compression grow from a company that offered printed knee high compression socks with only 3 base colors.   I remember how excited I was when they first started offering teal as a color!  Now they offer so many fun knit designs that I have a hard time picking which one best expresses how I feel that day.

So many of their designs are bright and colorful, so they help drivers notice you when you are running.  But they have also come out with a few tamer colors over the years.  There’s even a solid colored collection if you are into simpler socks.

Some of my recent favorites are the stripes.  I think they just look amazing on everyone and there’s options that work well for so many different holidays.

You may not see them often, but I also love their elite runners.  If my lower legs are in leggings or capris, you can bet this is what I’m wearing under my shoes.

Most of my pairs are definitely on the “girly” side, but they have tons of patterns that are great for men too.

So what are you waiting for, enter for one free pair of curtesy of Crazy Compression.  I’ll be announcing the winner around December 5th.

1 Pair of Crazy Compression Socks
Which pair would you pick?

8 thoughts on “Crazy for Crazy Compression”

  • I would definitely pick a striped pair ! They look like so much fun. Working in homecare, I'm on my feet all day. I've purchased a couple of generic pairs of compression stockings, however they look like a boring beige knèe-high stocking. My husband calls them my "grandma socks." Help save my legs from varicose veins AND bring me fashionably into 2018 ! 😊
  • I love recovering in compression socks, and the colorful patterns make me want to excercise more! Apart from helping me recover, they can also keep my legs warm :)
  • I have just a single pair. I’m dipping my toe in the water? I have tried one other brand before and hated at how difficult they were to get on. I broke out in a sweat! “Crazy” gives a nice amount of compression without cracking a rib doing a sock wrestle!

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