Currently… (TOL #6)

It’s Thursday, which means its time for Thinking Out Loud hosted by Running with Spoons.  This week I’m going to follow a currently format to give you a quick update on life.

Currently I’m Reading: The Cairo Affair which meets the requirements of Espionage Thriller in the 2017 Popsugar Reading challenge.

I just finished Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall (the author of Born to Run which was excellent).  It took me almost a year to finish reading it.  The story just didn’t engage me.  When he would hook me on an idea (yeah, parcour, natural movement, tell me how to do that), there was no practical advice on how to implement it.  He does get the elevator speech of Phil Maffetone right (low heart rate training, carbs only as tolerated).

My favorite book recently was a graphic novel aimed at kids call El Deafo.  It was cute and still made you think about how deaf children are incorporated into society and school.

Currently I’m obsessing: Over Hurricane Irma.  I was supposed to be traveling to Florida for a conference on Monday morning.  Thank goodness the management team decided to reschedule the trip to October.  Except it means that our normally overly busy month will be even crazier.  I’m looking forward to slightly cooler temperatures of October though.

Even though I’m no longer going to Florida, I’m still obsessed with the hurricane.  I’m checking several times a day.  After what happened in Texas, I’m super concerned about the impact this hurricane is having on the Caribbean.

Also, when I’m complaining about the cold this winter, remind me that this is one of the reasons I live “where the cold hurts my face”.

Currently I’m planning: Our 10th anniversary trip to New York City in early October.  It’s going to be our first time away from the kids for more than a couple days.  I’ve only been to NYC twice.  Once as a college freshman in 2001, and once to do the Brooklyn Half Marathon in 2012.  I don’t know if my husband has ever been.

We have flights and a place to stay.  We are staying in Brooklyn in Bedford-Stuyvesant.  We definitely want to see the statue of liberty and the empire state building.  But otherwise I’m really not sure what to do or eat.  So please let me know what you suggest.

Currently I’m eating: Lots of cabbage soup.

Currently I’m loving:  This new storage idea for my kids stuffed animals.  I love that it turns into a seat.  I’ve ordered one.

Currently I’m excited for:  A special aerial yoga class benefitting Planned Parenthood on Saturday.  I can’t stop thinking about doing another class since my first attempt.  I’m also trying to find time to get to another paint nite type class.


Currently I’m looking forward to: fall! It’s my favorite time of year but so, so busy!

What advice do you have for visiting New York City.

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