Deerfield Vetenarian Catamount 5k 2017 Race Recap

I haven’t been racing lately.  I’ve barely been running lately.  I think that being unable to run half marathons put me into a bit of a funk.  So I’ve been sticking to runs shorter than 10k for the time being and incorporating a fair bit of indoor rowing (sometimes outdoors).

I wasn’t trained to race, but I couldn’t help but support the Catamount WomenAid organization. This organization, provides emergency financial assistance to people within the local community.  The 5k is one of their biggest fundraisers of the year.

The race is held at the Deerfield Fairgrounds which is in the town North of me.  I headed over after getting the kids ready for the morning.  BTW, small children don’t understand that fall back is for sleeping in… Rude.


I wore a bright get up of Crazy compression socks, a sparkle skirt and a She Runs This Town Hoodie in the hopes that anyone that’s part of our online running group might recognize me and come introduce themselves.  I got to meet a lovely lady from our group that way.

The kind people at the Lily Inn and Boutique provided us with free coffee which was nice because it was a little chilly out, but lovely for November.

The event started with a good group warm-up.  It included a jog out and back, some walking lunges, butt kicks and shuffles.

Then we lined up for the run.  The race took us through the fairground then along the dirt roads used by cars parking for the fair.  We basically ran the perimeter of the field including one cross-country section where we had to cross a small wet patch (I’m sure that patch isn’t normally there. We had a lot of rain lately).  Around mile two there was a water station.  Then the loop was completed and we headed back in along the road we came out.


I’m very happy to report that the vines that tried to snag me a couple years ago on that section are now gone!

The course was probably 75% dirt road, 15% cross-country, 10% pavement (in the fairground section).

I had a blast, I didn’t even have to work on smiling while I ran.  I just goofed off and had a good time.  I even jumped for the photographer (something I have not been able to do until lately).


One of the fun things about small local races is that it lets the middle school track stars shine.  The women’s winners were 13, 12, and 13.  I finished in 31:54, right behind the fastest 8 year old female in the race.  I was seriously impressed by that kid.


Post-race there was a decent spread of bread and pastries and full size water bottles.

It’s one of those wonderful, enjoyable small town races.  And I love the pictures they took of me.  I hope it’s ok that I stole them from the facebook page.

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