Early august rambling (TOL #3)

I think this post will be even more rambling than my usual Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud Post.  I talk about erging again, the best books I have read lately, some new blogs to follow and my current favorite book.  So thanks again to Running with Spoons for hosting the link-up.


  • I read the most incredible books lately.
    • The Hate U Give is a powerful book about a young black girl from a poor neighbourhood that witnesses her friend being shot by a police officer.  The book is incredible and has you thinking about the perspective of the communities in which these kind of police shootings have occurred.
    • The second book was not something I wanted to like.  Instead I loved it.  Love Warrior is a beautiful memoir about pain and how pain helps shape us.
    • Station Eleven is a dysentopian novel about a plague that killed 99.99% of the population and those who survived.  There’s a lot of back and forth between the past, the onset of the plague and the survivors 20 years later.
    • Inside the O’Brians is written by the same person who wrote Still Alice.  It’s as heartbreaking but also as polished.  This book focuses on Huntington’s Disease.  How does one deal with being dealt such a devastating diagnosis?  How do your chidren respond to knowing they have a 50% chance of developping it too?  Do the children want to know if they will develop the disease?
  • My rowing machine has been neglected a little as my running mileage is increasing.  But I can’t resist attempting the Concept 2 Challenges.  In August they have a progressive challenge called the Dog Days of Summer.  The first week is 10,000m, the second 20,000m, the third 30,000m and finally 40,000m.  Giving you a total of 100,000m in the month.  You can join in on the challenge too.  Just complete 10,000m by August 7th and log your erg/rowing mileage on the Concept2 log.


  • Last winter I frequently attended an early morning TRX class at the YMCA.  One of the instructors, who is an awesome mom of three, started her own fitness blog lately.  Check her out at WannaBe Athlete.
  • A couple of my friends are also founding a new Athletic apparel company Her Tribe Athletics
  • I somehow survived a 9 hour drive back to New Hampshire from Niagara with two small children on Saturday evening.  I always want to visit my parents more often, but drives like those remind me why I usually have them visit me.  I do love visiting Niagara though.
  • I have a 5k race coming up next week.  It’s the Cigna Corporate challenge in Manchester, NH.  I was not planning on running a race again until the fall, but I couldn’t resist running if the company was going to pay for it.
  • I’ve been loving cherries lately.  My favorite cherries are Rainiers but I also enjoy in season Bing cherries.  I just got some peaches from my CSA, so I’ll probably be obsessed with those soon.

Have you read any amazing books lately?

What is your favorite late summer fruit?

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  • I am on Booktube and I have heard so many people rave about The Hate You Give but I haven't picked it up myself. I have read a lot of great books lately thought. My favorite in July was A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. It didn't get a lot of hype but it is a wonderful read about Buddhist philosophy and science and relationships and Japanese culture.
  • I just read Fitness Junkie. It makes fun of all the crazy things we do in the fitness world to get in shape and be healthy. Super light reading.

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