Fishercats Thanksgiving 5k – Race Report

I wasn’t going to pay money for a Turkey Trot this year.  People from my running group always organize a great event and I wanted to join in.  Then I changed my mind.  My daughter wanted to run the Santa Claus Shuffle and I wanted to run Yule Light Up the Night.  Running the Fishercats Thanksgiving 5k would get me the third race I needed to complete Millennium’s Holiday Hat Trick.  Then my husband mentioned that he wanted to race so that he could gauge his current speed (he’s training for Boston Marathon this Spring).

So we signed up for the Fishercats Thanksgiving 5k race.  I would be running with the stroller while  my husband actually raced the event.

I picked up our bibs at the Millennium store.  It’s so convienient to have a consistent physical location for bib pick up now, I just wish it was easier to get there from work.

Saturday morning, we had plenty of time.  We loaded the stroller up our new Minivan and headed to downtown Manchester.  Surprisingly we had no problems parking near Fishercats stadium.

The main entrance of the stadium is a big starcase, so we went around the back and took the ramp into the stadium. I met up with some of the ladies from my running group including my friend Michaela (who shared some of my Big Sur Marathon adventure with me a couple years ago).


I bundled the kids up and headed over to the starting chutes.  Because the starting chute was on the field and I was on the concourse, I actually had to take a big detour to get my big double stroller down there.  If you are doing this race with a stroller, make sure you leave plenty of time.

The race corral was bordering the edge of the baseball diamond.  My hubby started pretty much at the opposite side of the field from us.


Because I was running with the stroller, I was made to line up in the Walkers and Strollers section.  I really dislike doing this in a large race like a turkey trot.  A lot of people, not wanting to be viewed as walkers, will align themselves in earlier corrals.  It means that I end up having to weave through walkers very early in the race.  The starting area of this race is especially bad because it’s narrow and a lot of familys are running abreast.

I was dealing with pushing over 100 lbs of stroller+kids. And I struggled with getting through the crowds (there were a few close calls with people almost crashing into the stroller because they weren’t aware of my coming up behind them).  But overall, things were going well.

Then my 5 year old declared she had to go potty at about 1.5 miles in.  I couldn’t do anything to help her.  It’s not like there was a bush for her to duck behind, it’s downtown Manchester.  I told her she would have to wait.  Then shortly before the 2 mile mark, my 2.5 year old decided he wanted out of the stroller and tried to jump out.  I spent a minute tying his angry squirming body down with the harness.

Not long after the 2 mile mark, we met up with my husband (who had finished in sub-18 minutes).  My husband asked the kids how they were doing.  My daughter’s response “I want to go potty and she wont let me”.

I let my husband take the stroller so he could branch off and take her to the porta potties while I finished the race.

I let go of the handle, and couldn’t get over how light and fresh I felt.  Running was easy, bright.  I was sure that I would look at my post race data and show a huge negative split (in reality it wasn’t dramatic, but it I did speed up).

I put on a finishing kick that I’m sure would have made a great picture, but I don’t think the photographer had his lens on me.

I finished in 34:34.2 (but my moving time was 33:19, so I lost some time containing my younger monkey).  Which made me only 1329th overall.

My husband was 8th overall and came second in his age group.  So we got a free pie.

I’m hoping at least my older kiddo will be able to race it next year.  She’s getting so big in the stroller.


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