Happy Halloween

Last night I took my kids trick or treating door to door in a neighborhood across town. I didn’t take a single picture. My daughter was a witch complete with green face, not unlike what she wore to school earlier that day. My son went from Panda during the day to Tutu Zebra at night. Being two and a half, we got a lot of comments that my daughters were adorable. I let it slide.

We did a few houses in a neighborhood were people were handing out candy by generator power. That’s right, people who still didn’t have power from Sunday night’s storm were dedicated enough to keep handing out candy. The rumble of generators just added to the ambiance.

Then we headed up to North road where one of our town mates sets up an incredible haunted yard every year. I wish I could take pictures but I had two terrified kids on my hands. He has all sorts of inflatables and robots in the yard along with a lit up path. He also was running on a generator!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. A day dedicated to dressing up in ridiculous outfits and sweets, sign me up.

I even kind of dressed up this year. Although, I couldn’t figure out how to justify wearing my running clothes to work. Our group decided to dress has superheroes for Halloween. I dyed my hair red, wore burgundy and decided to cut out a Phoenix out of felt at the last minute. I was the x-man Jean Grey. Which drew a lot of questions. « Who is that one? » « I only know the important ones »

Our company also did pumpkin decorating contests for the clean room staff and office decorating for office staff. I cobwebbed the desk of a collègue on maternity leave.

As for trick or treaters I’m pretty sure our record stands as 2 over the last 9 years. Living on a low visibility, busy country road does not lend well to having kids go door to door.

I hope you had a fun Halloween night.

How many trick or treaters did you get? (my parents used to get 300 kids when I was a teenager)

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