Hard earned medals

Back in my glory days, as a high school rower, my room was filled with medals. It didn’t matter if it was a participation trophy for coming last place in hockey or my national championships gold, all were on display in my room. The end of my wrought iron bed was running out of room when I left for college. I’m sure all those medals are carefully packed away in the basement somewhere.

I only keep my Head of the Charles gold medal within easy reach these days. I think that medal cemented my destiny and my love for the city of Boston.

In college, medals were rarer, and I didn’t keep track of the ones I did earn. Then college ended and I spent a few years discovering who I was if I wasn’t a rower anymore.

In 2010 I ran my first half marathon. I did it on my own. No coach, no team, no trainers or directors. I finished solidly in the mid pack, but that medal meant so much to me.

I have kept each medal from my running career. Most are from half marathons, but a couple 50ks and Big Sur Marathon are also on the rack. Like my high school bed, I am running out of room. Unlike my high school bed, they are tucked away in a corner of my room.

You might think that I might be protective of my hoard of medals, I’m not. My kids frequently ask to wear my “necklaces” and I sometimes oblige them.

The top of the medal holder has a little shelf. It holds my erging trophies from the occasional races I still do as an adult (sometimes uncontested) and my college graduation oar. While home I picked up my two proudest trophies from my college years, “outstanding competitor” both my novice year and in the varsity boat. I only noticed when writing this blog post that the three oars are different.

As for my other running gear/shoes/clothes, there’s nothing noteworthy. I don’t keep my bibs, I frequently get rid of race t-shirts, and my shoes are kept in various places around the house.

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How do you store your athletic memorabilia?

Would you be interested in stories from my high school and college rowing days?

5 thoughts on “Hard earned medals”

    • My bibs usually go through the wash before I remember to save them. I do have all the bibs from the 14 half marathons I ran while pregnant with my daughter though :)
  • My running medals used to hang on the wall and I kept all my bibs in a scrapbook. They're all packed in a box and in storage while we live in Hong Kong.
  • Fo rnow my medals are in bags in the living room. I have the ones from this year hanging in the kitchen. I've given away all of my shirts except for the cotton ones which I use at night as a pajama top.
    • We used to have a lot of my husband's running memorabilia in our living room. He's a fast ultramarathoner so it was taking over the house pretty quick.

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