INTP – Myers Briggs

Hi I’m Miriam and I’m an introvert.

Yes, I am actually an introvert.

Yes, despite the fact that I wear crazy outfits to stand out at races.


And the fact that I share my parts of my life on the internet.

It probably doesn’t shock my parents who had to put up with my inability to order my own food at restaurants until I was a teenager.  I was that uncomfortable talking to strangers even if they were there to help me.

I’m not an introvert because I’m shy, or quiet, or a wall flower (anymore).  I’m an introvert because I find social interaction draining.

I’ve known about the introversion for a long time, but I learned a lot more lately.  Our training manager at work gave us training on Myers-Briggs personality test to help us be a more effective team and appreciate our differences.  My results were very similar to the results I got from 16 Personalities.

16personalities sept17

There were some differences because the trainer asked us what our answers would be if we approached the test from a professional standpoint.  Professionally I was a little less introverted, intuitive and thinking.  I am the same in prospecting/percieving (which is sometimes also called procastinating).  Our professional test did not include the 5th category.

I love the description the test gave of my personality type “Tolerant and flexible, quiet observers until a problem appears, then act quickly to find a workable solution.”

I think the assessment is accurate.  I’m definitely set on my introversion and prospecting ways.  My ideal vacation has always been minimally planned and somewhat spontaneous.  As for S/N and T/F, I tend to flip flop depending on the situation.  The “title” given to my assessment by my is Engineer (yep appropriate).

In training, we scratched the surface of how different personalities respond different to stimuli and how to facilitate interaction with each other.  We suggested that our next step might be emotional intelligence training.

I’m interested to learn about how Myers-Briggs personality test could be applied to coaching of individuals in sports and helping teams be more efficient.  So please let me know if you have any resources I could follow up with.

Have you ever done the Myers Briggs assessment?

If yes, what was your personality type?


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