Little peeks into our lives (TOL #8)

  1. My kids have started to take classes at our local YMCA again.  They are each taking a gymnastics class and a swim class.  It’s my son’s first time in a gymnastics class and he is loving it.  My husband will be his helper in class so that my daughter can go to kid zone and I can get a quick workout in.  Saturday mornings are going to be crazy for the next couple months.IMG_7154
  2. My daughter’s cast has finally come off.  I’m hoping that the gymnastics and swimming will help her get stronger again.
  3. Because I bought her first pair of skis at a ski swap last week.
  4. I’m considering starting to lift weights again.  Back when I was an college athlete I was able to lift heavy enough weights that they basically decided what I really needed was more cardio.  I’m reading Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body to prepare for it.  I work out for mental health and to have fun, so we will see if the philosophy of the book will align with my cardio training plans.
  5. For a peek into the life of a Medical Device Quality Engineer, I present to you the title of classes/webinars I have taken in the last few months.  No one is about to write a best selling novel about the happenings at my workplace:
    1. Integrating Risk Management into the Quality System
    2. Root Cause Analysis
    3. Europe’s New Medical Device Regulations
    4. Myer’s Briggs Training
  6. After an amazingly mild fall, we had a pretty major rain and wind storm  just before Halloween.  We were lucky.  We only lost a couple trees in the yard and we were only minorly impacted by the power outages.  I hope everyone is getting their power back quickly because it’s starting to get cold again out here

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