Mindfulness and Eating

One of my goals in 2017, especially after spending several months away from running after surgery, was to learn how to meditate.  I wanted to improve my anxiety and reduce my stress while my primary outlet was unavailable to me.  I’ve been using the Calm app to work on this.

As part of this experiment, I wanted to improve my mindfulness while eating.  I love food, a lot of food, and  I definitely have a sugar addiction.  I wanted to incorporate mindfulness into my eating because my healthy eating keeps getting derailed when I’m stressed or depressed.  Eating badly turns into a feedback loop for me as well.

While the calm app does occasionally mention mindfulness while eating, it’s not a direct link.  I looked around and downloaded the In The Moment App.  It’s a beautiful app and it is a useful panic button.  But I wanted to learn how to use an app to improve my eating even when my first reaction isn’t to reach for my phone.

I was reading an article on CNN about a hospital weight loss program that uses mindfulness to help it’s patients.  I thought “that’s what I want, that’s what I need”, where can I take this class? A quote from the headline that struck me particularly hard:

Suddenly, you have power over food


I didn’t find a location where I could take mindfulness class, but the article shared a quotes by Dr. Jordan Brewer, the creator of the mindfulness eating app Eat Right Now. I’ve only done the introduction and Day 1 of the app and I’m impressed so far.  As part of the app, I did a mindful eating exercise with a blueberry.  I experienced, the smell, the texture, and the look of the blueberry.  I was mindful of how my tongue moved in my mouth and when my swallowing reflex kicked in.


It’s a free 4 day trial, so hopefully I’ll be able to report back on if I found it worth the $130 a year subscription.  Based questions asked at start up some insurances may cover it.  Otherwise, it’s about the same cost as my nutritionist when insurance won’t cover her.  If anything it may help me use the other (free) app as a better panic button.

Any other resources you would recommend to a mindfulness eating newbie?

Any free apps that helps with addiction (even if only sugar addiction)?

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