When Motherhood Comes First

I love TRX Class. It’s one of my favorite classes offered at our local YMCA. But because I generally can only make weekend classes, I rarely get to attend the class.

Yesterday, they offered TRX as part of the Saturday Cardio rotation. I was so excited. I planned to attend the class for weeks. I was going to make my glorious return to TRX with one of my favorite instructors at our Y.

Then Friday afternoon, my husband slipped on some leaves while out for his run and tweaked his back. Saturday mornings our children do gymnastics and swim classes at the YMCA at the same time as the TRX class would be held. My 2 1/2 year old son takes classes where the parent is a participant. My husband realized that he would not be able to raise our son above his head like dictated by the class.

So just like that, I was on mommy duty. I took my son to Gymnastics and an hour and a half later I took him to swim class.

It’s just what parents do. They adapt, they sacrifice, they put their kids first.

My husband and I worked together to let me get a workout in. He shuttled my daughter between kidzone and her classes and I used the time to get an interval ladder in on the treadmill.

I had a few extra minutes before having to get my son from kidzone, so I did a quick routine on the TRX setup in the weights area.

I have no regrets. Introducing my kids to fitness at such a young age is so important to me.

Mind you, these sacrifices we make as mothers: the missed workouts, the cancelled plans, the skipped showers, the negotiations, etc.  These are the reasons she shouldn’t feel guilty about the time we do take for ourselves.  We always make sure their needs are met first.  We make sure they are safe, and fed, and entertained.  Then we take time for ourselves.   This time on our own makes us better parents,  gives us a break, helps our kids be happier.  And we should not feel guilty for that.

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