5 Highlights of 2017

I have to say that 2017 was one of my quieter years.  According to Strava, my longest run was only 7.5 miles long!  I normally run several half marathons a year.  I also didn’t travel as much as I normally do.

The reason for these abnormalities, I had a significant ankle surgery in February.  I spent most of my year healing from surgery, and frustrated with the lack of progress.  It was still a great year.  I worked hard on professional development, and slowed down to enjoy time with the kids.  I used my indoor rowing machine more than I have I have done in years.  So lets focus this post on some of the positives.

Five Highlights of 2017

1. Gaspesie

We had our big family vacation in Gaspesie, Quebec this year.  This quiet penisula between the Saint-Laurence and the Baie-des-Chaleur will always have my heart.  My mother is from the region.  My roots run deep in the area.  I always find a certain peace while visiting.

This year we ventured all the way to the tip and explored Forillon National Park and Perce.  I think our trip to Bonaventure Island in Perce Quebec was one of the best experiences I could have given my children.  I have several blog posts about our adventure in Gaspesie.

You just can’t beat a sunset over the Baie des Chaleurs!

2. Aerial Yoga

2017 was the year I decided to try to fly.  I visited Kama Fitness for an Aerial Yoga Class and followed up with an intro to Aerial Fitness class a few months later.  I just got a gift card to take 10 classes there over the next year, so I’m excited to try to fly some more in 2018.

3. A Trip Home

I was very fortunate to be able to arrange a work part-time remotely week this year.  I spent a week visiting my parents in St. Catharines.  It was a weird trip, because I was working still I didn’t get to see as many people as I would have liked.  But I did take a day to visit Safari Niagara (which was awesome) and went biking in Niagara-on-the-Lake with my family.  I also snuck in some runs at Balls Falls, in the suburbs and in Vineyard Country.

I also recently got to see my Family in Montreal before Christmas.  The more the kids get involved in activities, the less I get to visit home.  So it was nice to get that week away while my husband was traveling for work.

4. Professional Development

After nearly 10 years in the profession, I finally sat the Certified Quality Engineer Exam.  I managed to pass it on the first try.  It wasn’t required for my job, but it sure felt nice to add that feather to my cap.  I also travelled to Florida for a training summit and brought some training in-house.  I’ve also been doing free online classes to continue to develop professionally.  I’ve been enjoying Alison.com. They have a few online Photography tutorials I’ve been enjoying.  I also like their communication skills courses.

5. New York City

My husband and I made it to 10 years as a married couple. We decided to celebrate by leaving the kids with their grandparents and spending some solo days exploring the Big Apple.  I’m actually surprised by how much we saw while we were there.  I started blogging about it here and have several other posts still in draft form.

I might find another post worth of highlights from 2017, but that’s what comes to mind right now.  My children are both happy and healthy.  They enjoy swimming and gymnastics class.  My husband continues to run ultra distance and has exciting goals for 2018.

I also have some big goals in 2018 and will be sharing them soon.

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What were the highlights of your year?

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