5 Reasons to Love Suburban Running

I grew up in the Suburbs, spent college in a City (Boston), and now live in the Country.  I spent years complaining about the suburbs.  When choosing where to live, I told my husband I either wanted to live in an urban or rural landscape.  So we moved to a wonderful little rural home, in a quiet town and have never looked back.
I still visit my parents in the suburbs once in a while and have come to appreciate them more.  I can understand that it's easier to raise kids where there are other children to play with, convienience stores within walking distance and nearby parks.  I have also started appreciating the neighbourhoods when it comes to my runs.

5 Reasons to Love Subdivision Running

When night running you don't need to bring flashlights and flashy vests (although they dont hurt).  The street lights and lights from people's houses light the way.


Side walks

It's pleasant to be able to run on a dedicated pedestrian way.  Most of the sidewalks in the subdivision (at least where my parents live) are in great condition.  Also the sidewalks are extensive, pretty much all the roads are lined with sidewalks on at least one side.

On quiet neighborhood streets it's also easier to run on the road. People (generally) drive cautiously, so it's less scary to have to share the road.


My parents have at least 4 different parks within a mile of their house.  I can't even count how many parks there are in a 3 mile radius.  Not only do parks have trash cans for poop (for those of us with a 4 legged friend), but they often have playgrounds.  When running with a stroller it's a great reward to little kids for behaving while out on a run.

In the larger parks you often find well manicured trails with beautiful landscaping. It really is a treat when you get to incorporate a lovely gardenscape in your scenery.

People around

When I run near my rural home, I sometimes freak myself out a little.  In the suburb there's always people around.  While I sit in my parents office doing some work, I watch all sorts of people walking by.  People around means that there's people to help in case of emergency, and people to interact with once in a while.
I also love the entertainment that lots of people bring.  It's fun to see how different people decorate their homes and maintain their properties.

Run to errands

My lovely country home is really well located.  It's only 5 miles from a commercial district.  Which at the pace I run is probably about an hour each way.  At my parents home, you can easily stop by the convienience store on your way back from your run and only have to carry the item for less than half a mile.  If you are feeling really ambitious, a full out shopping plaza is less than 2 miles away.  Need new, running shoes, just run there.  Businesses tend to

be opened

where people are clustered.

And One Runfession

I think I HATE the bunnies in the suburbs.  On one 4 mile loop with my dog we saw at least 15 rabbits and 2 skunks.  Perhaps if my running partner didn't have 4 legs this wouldn't be a problem, but he got so excited for each and every rabbit.  He nearly yanked me off my feet a couple times.
I get that the subdivision destroyed their natural habitat, and that predation is low in a suburb, but I'm annoyed that the cute little bunnies have spread to that degree.

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Do you live in a suburb?  What do you like about running in suburbs?

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  • I live in a moderately-sized town...pretty "big" for Iowa standards, but still "small" in terms of urban nuances. That said, I agree...running in a suburban setting is awesome! I"m not afraid to run in the evening because there's plenty of street lights and I have never felt unsafe, even when I've been alone. I can make it to a grocery store on foot if need be (about a 2-mile round trip...yes, I've mapped it LOL).

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