5 Ways to Stay Motivated during the Holidays

It’s been a year of ups and downs for me.  After having ankle surgery in February I’ve been training in fits and starts.  I hit little setbacks, then find a way to move forward again.  I’m looking forward to setting goals in 2018 and hopefully getting to stick to them.

The goals I’m envisioning need me to develop a strong base prior to starting the real work.  I need to make the last couple months of 2017 count.  Here’s 5 things I’ll be doing to stay on track in this period between Halloween and New Years.

1.  Millennium Running Holiday Hat Trick

One of our local race management companies has a challenge which consists of running 3 of the 5 signature races between Halloween and New Years day.  I’ll be running the 5k Turkey Trot, the 3 mile Santa Shuffle and the 2 mile Yule Light Up the Night.   One is a turkey trot on Thanksgiving, one is a race dressed in Santa suit and the third is a Race through the Christmas Lights at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The events are fun, lots of people from my running group do them and you get extra bling for completing the series.

My daughter is really excited to be joining in too.  She insisted on wearing the Santa Costume last in last year’s race.

While your area might not have a holiday race challenge, I bet it has Turkey Trots or Santa Races.  Joining in on events full of holiday cheer help you get out there and get moving.

2. Concept 2 Holiday Challenge

It’s no secret that I’m starting to really incorporate more indoor rowing into my fitness routine.  I’ve already erged 380km since May this year (the indoor rowing season new year is May).  If you row 100km between Thanksgiving and Christmas day, and log your mileage on Concept2’s logbook, Concept 2 will give the charity you choose $0.02 for every kilometer.  Every kilometer beyond that earns your charity $0.04.

If you have regular access to an erg, it’s an average of about 3333 m a day.

Erging is great cross-training and it might make you appreciate the views on your normal workouts a little more.

3. Join in on Fitness Classes

Is it just me, but does any excuse to socialize seem merrier during the Christmas season.  When we are in fitness classes we aren’t running around buying presents or cooking meals.  We are spending a little time on ourselves and leaving even a little stress behind.

My gym seems to be offering a few special classes around the holidays.  I’m excited to do TRX in a cardio rotation this Saturday.  I haven’t done it in a group setting in so long and it’s fun to join in.

4. Register for a Winter Goal Race

One way to stay motivated is to have an eye on a prize.  Some of my best half marathons have been winter races.  I’m especially fond of the Jingle Bell Half Marathon in December and the Winter Half at Hampton in early March.  Having a training plan to follow and a focus to work towards might keep you fitting in workouts around Holiday Pagents and trips to visit Santa Claus.

I’m personally very tempted to sign up, but after this Fall’s aborted attempt, I decided to cool my horses until I could happily run 10 milers again.

5. Social Media

I feel like every year, someone on social media is posting an amazing running scavenger hunt, yoga pose challenge, photo contest or accountability group during the holidays.  These challenges are short, fun and don’t dip into the Christmas fund.  I’m always on the look out for these when they come up.

I’ve actually gone on runs simply to look for scavenger hunt items in the past.   This is the one I created for our running group last year!

I know this was last week’s topic but I’m linking up toFriday Five 2.0 with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness. Check them and the rest of the link up out.

What motivation tips do you have for me?

Do you know of any great virtual athletic events to keep me going?

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