5 Ways to Workout When Traveling

With the holidays approaching, many of us will be spending hours on planes, trains and automobiles to visit family and friends and spread some holiday cheer.  To try to keep a little fit, we will need to squeeze in workouts in between parties, and airports.  Here’s 5 ways to get those workouts in while traveling.


I love TRX for it’s portability and the ability to get a full body workout.  The equipment doesn’t take a lot of room in your luggage.  And the equipment can be suspended to a tree, playground, equipment or to a door frame.  I would suggest taking at least one group fitness class to figure out how to use it, but there’s youtube videos and pinterest workouts you can try.

You can buy an official high quality TRX setup (or the slightly cheaper go version) or find a knockoff version by searching ebay for suspension trainer.  I only have the knockoff version right now and it’s worked out for how much I use it.

Youtube videos

There’s actually a lot of great youtube workouts that you take on the road.  I’ve even done workouts off my iPhone 6s Plus screen.  Mind you my husband thinks my phone is pretty much tablet size.  Some of my favorite youtube workouts are in this post (from back when I first started blogging again).

Bring Running Clothes

There’s nothing I love more than exploring a new area on my own two feet.  I always try to explore where I’m visiting.  Even if it means basically being trapped running the same 3 miles of trails on a resort in Disney.

Local Fitness Studios

I love trying new classes and learning from new instructors.  If you can make it work in your schedule, checking out a local fitness studio and trying out a class can be a blast.  Also, a lot offer an introductory rate, so these classes can be a little more reasonable to try out.  So go ahead, give it a fly.

Fitness cards

I bought these cards once thinking they would be great if I was traveling.  You shuffle the deck and the cards tell you what you should be doing.  I’ll admit I haven’t really used them, but have always had the best intention of using them while I’m delayed in an airport.

What tips do you have for fitting in fitness while traveling?

Any traveling plans for the upcoming holiday season? I think I might pop up to Montreal for a quick visit.

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