Hi I’m Miriam. Welcome to my adventures in fitness and in hanging out.


I used to be a Division I Rower, an ice hockey player, a peak bagger.

Then real life started and I developped a nasty case of plantar fasciitis.

I started running.  Then stopped for a while because of stress fractures.  I started running.  Then got too busy with grad school.  I started running.  Then had one kid.  I started running.  Then had kid number 2.  I started running, ran a marathon.  Then had an ankle injury that needed surgery.

This iteration of my sporty self is trying to find balance with family, fitness and food.  I’m planning on joyfully being a mid-packer, raising happy kids, eating healthy food, and reading lots of books.

This blog has no real niche.  I blog when I feel like it and what I feel like talking about.  Most posts are fitness related, but I also post about travel, family, food, kids activities, my poodle, my chickens and living in rural NH.