Boston Burrito 5k for CJ Recap

In early February I had surgery on my left ankle to correct peroneal tendon subluxation and hopefully allow my ankle to heal from chronic instability syndrome. It’s been a long battle back from the surgery and I have a lot of work left to do. Last week I decided to do a race that matters to me. It supports a friend’s charity, the Boston Burrito Foundation. After losing her 8 month old son, CJ, my friend and her husband wanted to help other families take the next step after the loss of a child.

I’ve done the race every year since it was first held.  My daughter, Little A, has done the kid race on several occasions too.

This year I signed up both kids.  My daughter ran the race and was disappointed that she didn’t pass all the kids.  My son seemed terrified that everyone was running away from him.


The kids did enjoy the face painting, bubble table and music.

I enjoyed getting to see a lot of my She Run This Town New Hampshire ladies.


Race: Boston Burrito 5k for CJ

Date: June 9th, 2017

Location: Stark Park, Manchester, NH

Race Plan: I had only been running again for about 2 weeks.  In my runs I had been doing intervals of two minutes on, one minute walking.  I expected to run for a while, then back off and do run/walk intervals.

Race:  The race course has changed slightly within the park every year it has been run.  The road course has been consistent with several gradual hills.  I started the race near the back of the pack.  I decided to go at a steady pace and see how long I could sustain it.

I ended up being able to trot for the whole 5k.  The hills were tough (I hadn’t done any hills yet).  But overall it was a pleasant course.  The best part of the whole race was when my 2 year old ran out on to the course to see me.  I scooped him up and finished the race with him.


Time: 34:11

This is probably one of the slowest 5k races I’ve run in a long time, but it’s my new post surgery PR.


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