Catching up (TOL #5)

It’s Thursday, so it’s time for Thinking out Loud, the linkup with Running with Spoons.


Erging Lately

I haven’t been running a lot lately.  I have been erging way more than I have in years.  The Dog Days of Summer Challenge is a progressive one, week 1 – 10,000m, week 2 – 20,000m, week 3 – 30,000m and week 4 – 40,000m.  I’m about half way through the final week.  I’ve rowed 93,902m total so far this challenge.


Watching Lately

Something that’s been getting me through all the hours on the erg has been watching Netflix or Hulu on my Ipad.  I balance it on the handle holder and listen with bluetooth headphones (these are the best for the price).  Shows I’ve been enjoying lately are:

  • Girlboss
  • The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce
  • Bloodline
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • To the Bone (movie)


Reading Lately

I set out to read 100 books in 2017.  August isn’t even over and I’ve already met that goal.  Actually as of today my total is 103 books.  That’s a lot of audiobooks.  I think that total might only include 5-6 physical books.

I haven’t read anything extraordinary since the last time I mentioned my reading challenge (when I had 4 books to recommend).  My favorite lately was from my childhood, The Black Stallion.

Eclipse viewing

We only had a partial Eclipse here in New England.  But we still went outside with our pinhole boxes and passed around some eclipse viewing glasses.  I’m an engineer, so it’s always fun to see my co-workers “nerding out”.


The next big Eclipse in our parts will be in 2024.  I’m already planning on traveling to view the Eclipse.  Either in Buffalo, where my parents live, or in Northern Maine.


Triathlon Preparation

I’m starting to question my decision to sign up for a sprint triathlon that was less than 2 weeks away.  Why did I do that???  I’m not worried about the distances at all.  I can swim, bike and run thoses distances without problem.  I’m worried about the logistics, the water temperature (I don’t have a wetsuit), the sports bra situation (large chested over here), the transitions, biking on hills, and more.  I’m worried about a lot, and I think it’s a little of what is exciting about this challenge.  Seeing a sport from the viewpoint of an unprepared newbie.

But seriously, any tips on small things I can do to get ready are much appreciated.  I want to love the triathlon so I can look forward to them next summer if my ankle doesn’t like long distance running ever again.



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