Cigna 5k 2017 Race Recap

After the Boston Burrito 5k for CJ I hadn’t planned on doing any races until the Fall.  But this race came up and because it’s a corporate challenge, my company paid for it.  I figured who am I to pass up a free race.

The Cigna 5k is one of the largest road races in New Hampshire.  With approximately 5,000 runners and walkers in Downtown Manchester New Hampshire, it can be quite a crowd.  I’ve done it several times, and it’s not a favorite of mine.   I’m just not a fan of crowds or running in heat.


Race: Cigna 5k

Date: August 10th, 2017

Location: Veterans Park, Manchester, NH

Race Plan: My ankle had been acting up a  bit again.  I mostly had taken the week off running.  My plan was run if I could, but finish I must.

Race:  The race course starts at the intersection of Elm St and Amhearst St, runs along Elm St (mostly flat) heading North until a left turn on Thayer.  The only water station on the course is on Thayer.  You then turn left to head South on River Rd, which turns into Canal Street.  This section is a slight downhill.  Just before you reach the end, the course turns left on Merrimack, which is a slight hill.   The race finishes just past Elm St on Merrimack St.

The race is divided into 3 corrals: Competitive (<23 minutes), Recreational (23-28 minutes) and walkers.  Don’t let the corrals fool you.  Most people don’t know how to seed themselves.  Because I knew I would be finishing in a slower time frame, I placed myself at the back of the recreational corral.  I spent the whole race weaving through walkers.


During the first mile of the race my ankle felt stiff.  It hurt, I considered walking.  But then I just let myself relax into the pace and started to enjoy myself.  The ankle eased up and it felt good to pass so many people (although as I mentioned many were walking).  A co-worker of mine ended up meeting up with me and we ended up trotting the next 2 miles together.

I never felt tired and I never ended up pushing the pace.  It was great to see so many friends and coworkers on the course.  It’s the real reason I keep going back to this race (as long as work keeps paying the entry fee).

After the finish I decided to jump in the water being sprayed by the fire department.

Time: 34:11 (the exact time I had run Boston Burrito in)


Gear: Group Custom Sparkle Skirt, Crazy Compression Socks, Altra Paradigm 2.0 Shoes, Company T-Shirt.

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