First time flying

I had a rare kid free day today, and boy did I savor it. I went biking and swimming, got a haircut, ran errands, did some documenting for BillionGraves, and went to the library. But I started my morning with a very exciting class.

At first I had hoped to join in on a Barre class with an instructor I love. But the class wasn’t running today. I looked at the studio schedule and decided to treat myself to an aerial yoga class.

The class was at Kama fitness in Manchester New Hampshire. It utilizes aerial silks to help with yoga poses and other stretches.

Today’s instructor was Renee and she was amazing. I loved being partially suspended and I think it helped me get deeper into a few stretches. I could have fallen asleep while I was in a hip opener.

Aerial yoga isn’t the circus silks you sometimes think of, so it’s a little less scary. I was still terrified when we went to do a downward dog with our legs bound in the silks. I actually almost tipped right over. But the instructor was right there to help me back into a safe position.

Shavasana is done suspended in the sling. So you are basically lying in a hammock.

After class I played around a little with the silks and played a bit at being an acrobat. It was so much fun.

This girl has been going silks for 7 months. She was showing us some of her fun tricks and I thought they looked so beautiful.

I need to go back to learn how to do some of the aerial silks tricks.

Have you ever tried an aerial class?

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