Five New Hampshire Runners to Follow

Welcome to the Friday Five. Today’s topic is running friends. My number one running friend has 4 legs, likes to sleep under my bed, and only has a rarely updated social media presence. But he’s without a doubt my favorite and the only person I have time to run with regularly. I also tend to run with my kids in a stroller once in a while.

When I find time to run with others, I’m usually running with members of my amazing running group She Runs This Town New Hampshire. I meet up with them at races, cheer them on with social media and occasionally find time to join a group run.

So for this post I’m going to introduce you to a few of the members of that group that have a fun social media presence. There are so many more that I could link to, but let’s keep it simple today.

5 New Hampshire Runners to Follow on Social Media

1. Emily (sofashrunnable )
I had been following Emily, but had no idea she was part of our group until she started posting images of familiar faces. Turned out she worked with some other women from the group. Emily has a passion for fashion and it shows with her fun outfits at the Disney races. She’s also the co-owner at the upcoming Her Tribe Athletics. She blogs at So Fashrunnable.

2. Meg Staples (veggiestaples)
Back when I vegan food blogged I had no idea that one of the other vegan food blogs was run by a woman who also ran a lot and lived within 10 miles of me. She also has two little kids, is a teacher and is the co-founder of Her Tribe Athletics. She blogs at Veggie Staples.

3. Melinda Lopez (nhrunning_meli)
Melinda, like me experienced a running setback this year. She experienced a hip injury. Like some she’s documenting her journey back after surgery.

4. Mikaela Yeager-Morgan (mikaelabyeagermorgan)
Mikaela and I will always have the bond of Big Sur 2016. We were the two members of our group who travelled all the way to California to run in crazy wind and huge hills. She runs a lot of marathons while being a mom to 4 kids (a couple partially grown) and working full time. And she’s just an amazing person.

5. Mia (spinswimruneat)
I know Mia mostly through Snapchat (spinswimruneat) where she is a regular. Actually I can’t get over all the things she does in pursuit of triathlon on a daily basis. She’s a nurse, she teaches spin, she swims, she does group runs, trains with a trainer and she takes care of her kids. She also blogs on I’m tired just writing all that.

And a bonus 10 more because I love my group so much

6. Crystal (glitterygagnon)
7. Alexandra (alexandranicholle)
8. Lauren (biketothebarre)
9. Lora (runlorarun)
10. Heather (runforyoursole)
11. Nicolasa (nicowhatruns)
12. Jessie (_jessiesmiles)
13. Heather (Hethaa4)
14. Justine (nh_runner_girl) <-speedy
15. Deidre (Deidre_runs)

I could add so many more, but these are the accounts I could think of that seemed dedicated mostly to fitness.

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Who should I be following on Instagram?

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