Friday Five: Favorite Cookbooks

I have owned so many cookbooks over the years.  Like probably 40 or 50 different cookbooks.  I had Indian Cooking cookbooks, specialized diet cookbooks and just about every vegan cookbook I could budget in for a while.  But only a few books have really peeked my interest enough that they are in currently in regular rotation at my house.

  1. Oh She Glows Cookbooks –  Written by the hit blogger who runs Oh She Glows, there are two excellent cookbooks.  My favorite by far is the first cookbook, but the second is very good too.  I regularly pull it out for smoothie recipes, vegan entrees and staples like homemade enchilada sauce.  The pictures are bright (and there’s generally a picture for each recipe). The whole food recipes are simple, affordable and are almost always excellent.  She frequently gives tips to help those with allegies accomodate the dish (although she offers no suggestions for those of us who cannot have bananas ;-)).
  2. Run Fast. Eat Slow –  With a co-author who is a Olympic runner, Shalane Flanagan, this book is about fueling yourself for fitness with whole food recipes.  It introduced me to roasted vegetables as a salad topping and has a salad dressing I’m obsessed with.  Some of the recipes are more complex, but a lot can be incorporated into busy lives.  The focus is on doing some prep work.
  3. Inspiralized Cookbooks – This is another pair of books (first one, second one) that I love.  I think I cooked through most of the first book when I was on maternity leave with Z.  I just love the creativity in the use of the spiralizer and the suggestions of other appropriate vegetables for the recipes.  One recipe we make on a regular basis is the bell pepper taco skillet from the second book.  If you are new to spiralizing, I recommend you get the inspiralizer (its my favorite of the spiralizers I’ve tried) and start with recipes from the excellent blog.
  4. Crock Pot: Best Loved Slow Cooker Recipes – This one is a little embarassing.  I’m not sure how long I have had this book, but it shows its age.  It’s still my go to when I’m looking to make something in the slow cooker although I adjust recipes to my liking now.   It’s not a trendy book, there are no hashtags when I make something.  But my family loves it and that’s what probably matters most.
  5. Chez Panisse Vegetables – This is my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and Farmer’s Market Bible.  Whenever I come across something new, that I have no idea how to cook, I look in that book before turning to the internet.

So there you have it, 7 books for a list of 5.  I have other cookbooks on the shelf, but if I was limited to no more than 10 cookbooks, these would make the cut.  In this day and age with so many available recipes online, I don’t always reference cookbooks, but these are tried and true.

I just realised that these are mostly whole food cookbooks (other than maybe the crockpot one which is more comfort food anyways).

What are your favorite cookbooks?

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