Got a Runner? Here’s some gift ideas

It’s mid-November, it seems like Christmas is coming sooner and sooner every year.  Last weekend my kids went to see Santa for the first time of the season.  My 2.5 year old walked right up to Santa, said hi and politely declined to sit in his lap.  My 5 year old, who had been begging to go see him since she heard me mention to my husband that it was opening weekend, hid behind my leg but practically threw herself at him when he offered that she sit on his lap.

Today’s Tuesday on the Run post was about Runner’s Gifts.  At first I thought, that seems a little early.  But the earlier we get Christmas shopping out of the way, the more time we have to work our training into the busy holiday season.

Every year I have friends asking me for recommendations for their runner daughter/husband/cousin/friend etc.  Here’s a few suggestions that I would share with friend.

Disclaimer, some of the links are amazon affiliate links.

Compression Gear

It’s no secret that I love Crazy Compression Socks.  They can be festive or cheerful.  They help runners recover from long runs.  Compression socks can also be one of the less expensive items to give to a runner at about $20.  This is my favorite color this color would be great for a guy.

GPS Watch

If you are close enough to your gift recipient to spend several hundred dollars, a GPS watch might be a great option.  Maybe you want to to get them an upgrade.  Or you want to encourage their running because tracking on a phone can be difficult.  There’s so many options out there.

I have this watch by TomTom right now.  It has a heartrate monitor built in, can store 3GB of music which you can listen to over bluetooth headphones, can be used in the pool to track laps and is a daily fitness tracker.

There’s a lot of options out there, some cheaper, some WAY more expensive.  It really matters how much battery life they need (hello ultramarathon runners), if they need an altimeter, if they use a heart rate monitor for training, and if they do any other sports (like swimming or biking)

Bluetooth Headphones

I’ve tried a lot of bluetooth headphones over the years, but these are my favorites(and at ~$25 they don’t break the bank).  They work great when I want to bury my phone deep in my pockets in the middle of winter but not deal with a cord to listen to my tunes.  Bluetooth headphones are also great if you get the TomTom watch I just mentioned.

Foam Rollers

Runners sometimes get very tight from all their exercises.  Foam rollers can help them recover and improve.  This is what my husband prefers.  I enjoy a massage stick with balls along it.

Noxgear Vest

These vests are simply the best for anyone who walks or runs outside at night.  The visibility is amazing.  Even our police chief was impressed.

I’m in love with the dog version of the vest as well.

A Gift Certificate

For the runner that has everthing you can never go wrong with a gift certificate from their favorite running store or from a race management company in their area.

Broke but want to give a gift?  Make a Certificate for a service they can redeem.  Examples might include Free Babysitting for those mother runners.  Or a dedicated cheer section at a race.


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