Happy summer solstice 

I’m not a huge fan of heat, but I love daylight.  My biggest complaint about New England is that it’s on the Eastern side of the Eastern Time Zone. My parents live on the Western Side, so daylight is present for about an hour longer in the evening.  In my morning rowing days, I loved the early daylight.  Now that I mostly workout after the kids go to bed, I miss that extra hour.

Tonight I decided to celebrate the longest day of the year with a 3.4 mile run with my dog.

This run was also the maiden voyage of my new crazy compression socks, and most likely my retirement run for my orange Altra Paradigms.  Those shoes brought me through Big Sur Marathon 2016 and at least another 500 miles.
I came home and enjoyed my recent obsession, water flavored with mint from my garden.  Tonight I added some cucumber and strawberries from the Concord farmer’s market.

How did you celebrate the solstice?

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