Hitting the slopes

Hi Friends, I hope your holidays have been going well.  We did a quick trip to Montreal to visit with Family (left Friday came back to New Hampshire Sunday), had dinner at my in-laws, and got home in time to put the kids to bed before Santa came.  Christmas with a 5 and 2 1/2 year old was awesome this year.  The kids were both so engaged and happy.

But I mostly want to talk about my return to skiing after a 6+ year absence.

My 5 year old is taking a 5-day long 1-hour a day ski class at McIntyre Ski Area.  We decided that teaching her young was an investment.  I hope if she learns early, it will stick with her.  So far, we have had mixed results.  I’m hoping that the remaining 3 days of class will bring less fear, more fun.  The instructors have been great at working with her when she’s having a rough time and she’s ended each class with high fives and a promise to return.

My dad came along to the first ski class, so we were able to hit the slope after her class.  I had not been on my skis since before I was pregnant with my daughter, so that’s 6+ years.  Although McIntyre ski area is a small hill, I was a little nervous about being able to ski.

Turns out, when you learn as a 4 year old, it sticks with you.  There was only one run open (and it was an easy one) and we did it over and over again until we started getting cold.

I had missed skiing.  I hope I get to go out at least one more time this season.

Any tips for helping an over-cautious 5-year old conquer her fears?

Do you like skiing?  How old were you when you learned?

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