Holiday Hustle (TOL #12)

It’s Thursday, I can’t help but share some random musings in a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post.  If you don’t know what TOL is, it’s a linkup hosted by Running with Spoons that encourages free-form writing.

1. Christmas

My kids were basically the perfect age for Christmas this year.  They were excited in the prospect of Santa coming and delivering presents.  My daughter kept changing her priority list in her requests though.  She spent 6 months asking for a dollhouse, followed by an excavator.  She settled on wanting a baby-doll (3 days before Christmas), with comment of “it would be a nice surprise if Santa brought me a dollhouse or a puppy”.  My son wanted a helicoper.

They got *Most* of their wishes. They were thrilled with the dollhouse (which is bigger than them).  The helicopter has been having a blast hanging out in the bathtub while being washed by a t-rex.  I’m not sure the barbies have been invited to the party yet.

My daughter’s only complaint is that Santa didn’t bring her a puppy.  I’m hoping my 8 year old dog lasts us for many more years to come.

2. Ugly Sweater

I wore an ugly sweater to work on Thursday before Christmas.  It had a Llama on it, and it said, La la la la la llama.  I used the pixomatic App to Photoshop a Llama next to me at my cube.  It was convincing enough that people wanted to come see my stuffed llama.

3. Favorte Traditions

Our town does this wonderful old-time Christmas tradition.  They light Paper Luminaries along paths near the center of town and host activities in the buildings.  It’s always such a relaxing atmosphere and lets us spend family time enjoying music and Christmas events.

The town library also does an event that makes my heart fill with Joy.  Every year they do an event called Story Time with Santa.  It’s a wonderful way for my kids to “interact” with Santa and with reading.

4. Concept2 Holiday Challenge

I was successful in reaching my goal of 200,000m during the Concept2 Holiday Challenge.  It was amazing because I pretty much skipped and entire week, then only had a week to row 90,000+m.  I’m very proud of myself.  Along the way I rowed a half marathon on the erg and earned my 1,000,000 meter pin. I’m about to start running more miles again, but I hope I keep up with the erg at least a few times a week.


5. Half Marathon Training Plans

I’ve already signed up for 4 half marathons in 2018.  I’m not sure how that happened.  It started with an idea that I would like to run a half marathon again in 2018.  Then discount codes started appearing and I couldn’t help myself.  Poof! A schedule with races on it.  My first half of the year will be March 4th in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire (site of my first half marathon in 2010?!?). My training plan activated on Christmas day.  I’ll be following the strava plan with a 3-4 days a week running schedule.

6. Depressing Read

Over the holidays I should have been listening to a light and cheery book, instead my hold on The Age of Anger came up.  I’m glad it wasn’t a physical book.  I couldn’t imagine myself carrying a book with that title around during the holidays.  I read the book right through all the holiday festivities.  It was a depressing read about the current political state of the world.

7. Exciting Read

I got the latest Whole30 Cookbook for Christmas.  I’m excited to try to start up a whole30 type diet again in the new year.  I felt a lot better when I was eating super clean earlier this year.

8. Cold Snap

It’s super, super cold out today.  Wind chill is predicted at -15F.  I’m still heading to the ski hill with my daughter today.  Wish me luck and warm toes!

How cold is too cold for you?

How were your holidays?

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