Hometown Thoughts (ToL#2)

When people ask me what my home town is I’m always a little baffled.  Do I tell them the town in New Brunswick where I was born, or the town near Toronto where I lived as a kid?  I generally opt for the town I lived in in high school, where my parents still live.  I don’t get out to St. Catharines as much as I used to.  The 9 hour drive is quite long for two small kids.  I’m fortunate my boss allowed me to have a vacation with part-time working remotely so my kids can spend time with their grandparents during the day.


For today’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday I figured I would document some observations I have about coming home.

  1.  After so many years away, I appreciate Niagara Falls more than when I could visit it at any time.  When I come up here I always try to drive by at least once.  We tried to visit on Tuesday night, but we arrived right before the nightly fireworks and the place was a zoo.  I’m glad Niagara Falls tourism is doing so well.
  2. I ended up painting Niagara Falls this week.  My brother’s girlfriend and I met up and had a blast doing Paint Nite.  I’m pretty happy with the results.
  3. Traffic has changed dramatically.  I went to Port Dalhousie to take the kids to the Carousel (still only $0.05!) and we got stuck in traffic on our way back to Power Glen.
  4. Maybe the traffic is related to the fact that subdivisions are being crammed into every available space.
  5. Farm space increasingly is taken over by vineyards.  I swear they are spreading.
  6. I’m very impressed with the park improvements and the increase in trail networks I have seen in the area.  I visited Ball’s Falls Conservation area today and it took my breath away.
  7. I always want to meet up with old friends while in town and never seem to find the time.  Thank goodness I see a little glimpse of their lives on Facebook.
  8. I scanned a bunch of old pictures from my parents house with my phone.  I used Google Photo Scan.  It was pretty easy to use and removed the glare.  I’m sure the image quality won’t be great, but it meets my needs.
  9. I have not gone downtown.  I’m sure it continues to evolve.

How often do you go back “home”?  Does it change between visits?

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