I Am Still A Runner – Weekly RoundUp

This week was a little awesome.  This week made me realize backing off completely after failing to run a half marathon this fall was the right choice.  It sucked to basically feel trapped on the erg or not workout much at all, but this week’s success helped me feel motivated again.

During the week, I rowed a decent amount of meters on the erg (the holiday challenge starts on Thursday), did some lifting, used the bike as a warm-up/cool down tool, and ran on both the treadmill and outside.

I tried something a little scary this week too. I lifted somewhat heavy weights.  On Saturday I actually backed off on the weight I was lifting to make sure I had good technique, but still ended up sore after my workout session.

Saturday afternoon I ran 7.5 miles pain free.  I only stopped because I was back at the house, it was getting dark (it started raining right after I got home) and I didn’t want to push the distance.

The ankle was tired on Sunday so I sticked to the pool and walk.  The walk wasn’t really part of the plan, I basically forgot to pack shorts for a post-swim bike.

Monday Nov 13th, 2017 – Rest Day

  • 1708m row – 2:22/500m

Tuesday Nov 14, 2017 – Audit at work all day

  • 13,340m row (1 hour) – 2:15/500m
  • 3,121m row – 2:24/500m (cooldown)

Wednesday Nov 15, 2017

  • 3.2mi Treadmill 10:12/mi
  • 3.5 mi indoor bike cooldown
  • 10,676m row – 2:20/500m
  • 10 minutes kettlebells

Thursday Nov 16, 2017

  • 5 mi indoor bike warmup
  • Weight Training
  • 1 mi Treadmill 10:58/mi
  • 6458m row – 2:19/500m

Friday Nov 17, 2017

  • 4.2 mi Run 12:01/mi
  • 3219m row – 2:21/500m

Saturday Nov 18, 2017

  • 4.2 mi bike
  • Weight Training (Squats and cleans)
  • 500 yd swim
  • 7.5 mi Run 12:07/mi
  • 4581m Row 2:24/500m

Sunday Nov 19, 2017

  • 1 mile pool swim
  • 1.2 mi walk


  • Lifting
  • 2300 yd swim
  • 17 mi run/walked
  • 12.8 mi biked
  • 43103 m rowed

How did your week go?

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