I completed the Dog Days of Summer Challenge

When I retired from rowing I was sure I would continue to do it regularly as a recreational rower.  Turns out that the motivation of a team and a coach are pretty strong catalysts.  Full time job, a long commute to the rowing club, and other hobbies in my life mean that I didn’t row often.

I’ve had my rowing machine since high school.  But whenever I got on the machine I would beat myself up for not being as fast or as fit as I used to be.  I generally would do it sporatically as cross-training for running.  I was lucky to break 140,000m in a year.

This month, with my running motivation low and my treadmill broken, I decided to try one of Concept2’s indoor rowing challenges.   The Dog Days of Summer Challenge is a progressive challenge with a total of 100,000m.  Week 1 was 10,000m, week 2 was 20,000m, week 3 was 30,000m and week 4 was a whooping 40,000m.


I’ve tried Concept2’s challenges in the past, but I always got bored with them part way through, or I didn’t have time in my running schedule.


I accomplished this challenge.  I barely broke each weekly requirement, but I built up strength as I kept coming back to the erg. I erged up to 17,000m in one sitting to make the required mileage.  I haven’t erged that far since college.  I think I watched a whole Netflix movie while I did that session.


Best of all, even though the challenge ended on August 28th, I got on the erg for 10,000m on August 29th.  I just wanted to get a great workout in.

I’m really hoping that this is the start of a awesome new relationship with my erg.  I know that the equipment is available, I just need to let go of my expectations and just enjoy whatever show I’m binging on.

Have you ever tried the indoor rowing machine?

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