I gave up on my marathon shoes (TOL #9)

Goodbye Marathon Shoes

I finally gave up on my Big Sur Marathon Shoes.  Those shoes took me through 26.2 miles of amazing views and crazy hills on an injured ankle.  They took me through months of denial that my ankle was not getting better.  I’m not sure how many miles I actually put on them, but based on the wear of the soles and the hole in the upper, I think I was also in denial that the shoes were done for.

I didn’t do anything ceremonial.  If I’m honest, I’ve tried to say goodbye to them so many times before.  This time they just went straight into the trash.

I have various other pairs of shoes in various states of use.  I haven’t purchased a pair of shoes since my birthday (that was February)… That’s probably a record.

Studying… a little

I have a professional exam coming up December 1st.  I’m getting ready to take my Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Exam.  The test will be 5 hours long and is open book.  I’m trying to make sure I set aside a little time every day, but procastination is getting the better of me.  I’m hoping my 10+ years of experience (and the open book) will help a little.

We had Snow

We had our first snow of the season on Monday afternoon.  My kids were so excited, but were so upset when the snow melted.  Little do they know that within the next couple months we will be cold for months in a row.

A reminder


This post is being linked up with Thinking out loud Thursday with Running with Spoons.

How long do you keep your running shoes?  

How often do you buy new running shoes?

Are you loyal to a brand?



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