Less un-prepared for a Triathlon

A little over a week ago, I randomly decided to sign up for a sprint Triathlon.  My ankle wasn’t co-operating with my 2017 half marathon dreams.  So I decided to see if I enjoyed triathlons.  If I enjoy this one enough, I’ll probably aim my training towards an Olympic distance next summer.

I have done triathlons before.  But it’s been at least 14 years since I did one.  Did I mention that 14 years ago I was a full scholarship rower?  I still came in last place for my age group.

During that race, I realised that rowing did not translate to triathon.  I did zero running training (I hated running back then), rode a mountain bike and did no open water swimming in preparation.  I remember the swimming portion being somewhat terrifying.

With less than 2 weeks to prepare, I knew that I was only aiming to finish the race.  I have been swimming (in a pool), biking (on an indoor bike) and running (limited mileage) this year, but am not trained for speed.

This past weekend was the most I could do to prepare for the race.  I’m borrowing a road bike from my husband’s work.  Compared to my hybrid, it’s insanely fast.  I took her out for a 7.5 mile ride on Saturday.  Once I got over my fear and figured out how to shift gears, I really enjoyed everything but the seat pain.  I ended up naming her the hummingbird and I hope she will help me fly.


I also decided to try an open water swim.  We took the kids up to Kezar Lake in Sutton, NH and I swam out into the lake and back a couple times.  It’s a good thing I did.  I ended up panicking a little on the first portion of my swim.  While I have been swimming my whole life, I forgot how black the bottom of a lake is.  On top of that, swimming through the temperature differences even at the surface of the water had my body freaking out.

By my second trip out I had gotten control of myself.  I kept my eyes focused on my hands in front of me and my body had acclimatized to the temperature gradients.  I’ll have to sit in the lake for a while before the race starts so my addrenaline doesn’t kick up a notch.  I don’t have a wet suit and it’s been a cool week in New Hampshire.  Luckily it’s only a 1/4 mile swim.


As for the run, my mileage lately has been low.  I have been enjoying the few runs I have done, as long as they are below 5 miles.  This triathlon is only a 2.7 miles loop between bridges, so I’m confident that it wont be a problem.


What has me most freaked out is the 12 mile bike route.  Doesn’t seem bad until you see the elevation chart.  It’s going to be hilly.


Overall I’m excited, and terrified.  I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into and that’s what’s great about it.

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