Let’s Catch Up (TOL #11)

Now that my CQE exam is over with, I hope to get back to some more regular blog posting.  Why not get back with a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post.  If you don’t know what TOL is, it’s a linkup hosted by Running with Spoons that encourages free-form writing.

1. Current Musical Obsession

I may be really behind on the times, but I am absolutely in love with Ed Sheeran’s Perfect.  The music video sure makes skiing look romantic!

2. Favorite Books Lately

I’m currently reading a book called Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and The Heroes Who Fought Them.  Not only is the book interesting from a medical history standpoint, but it’s also rather witty.

All Our Wrongs Today – A great book about time travel

The Coaster – a funny mystery/thriller/something?  I just thought it was entertaining.

3. Favorite Fun App

It’s taking me a while to understand how to use it, but I’m having fun with the Pixomatic App.  It’s great for edits where I want specific thing to pop.


4. My Next Race

I don’t know if I should call it a race because I plan on doing it with my 5-year old (and no stroller).  Sunday we will be doing the Yule Light Up The Night race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  I’m excited to see all the Christmas lights, which I would rather see on my own two feet than from the car.

5. Indoor Rowing

I have rowed more this year, than I have in the past previous 6 years combined.  But most of that rowing has been long steady state with no emphasis on speed.  I better start working on shorter distance pieces because I signed up for CRASH-Bs in February.

CRASH-Bs is a huge indoor rowing race based out of Boston.  For over 20 years it was the World Indoor Rowing Championship.  This is the first year it won’t be.  I’m looking forward to chasing some goals in the Master’s Women 30-39 category!

6. Santa

On Sunday I only had one kid to hang out with.  My 2 1/2 year old decided he wanted to go visit Santa Claus.  When we got to Bass Pro Shop we were given a ticket for a visit 2 1/2 hours later.  I was sure he would lose interest.  We went grocery shopping and went to WalMart (where I got a great “Ugly Christmas Sweater”).  When we were finished our errands he asked if it was time to go see Santa.  Back at Bass Pro Shop we had to wait in line for a while more.  When his turn came, I had to restrain him like a whippet from running to Santa while another family was still on his lap.  I released him and he sprinted down the way to go visit Santa.  Boy was he happy to sit on the big man’s lap this time.

7. RunChat Hunt and Runner’s World Run Streak

I’ve been enjoying excuses to get out for a run or walk every day.  I’m pretty sure the Runner’s World Run Streak is supposed to be running only, but I’m allowing myself to walk if my ankle isn’t allowing it.  I figure anything that’s getting me out and about is better than following strict rules.

I’ve also been enjoying going out and looking for items during the RunChat Hunt. It’s always fun to check out the Christmas decorations.

What’s new with you?

Are you doing any kind of running streak this winter?

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