Let’s try this blogging thing again.

Somewhere along the line with a full-time job, two little kids, a dog, and attempting to work out and have a healthy diet, blogging fell by the wayside. Before having my daughter, 4 1/2 years ago, are used a blog pretty regularly on a food blog called Sometimes I Veg.  When I decided to start blogging about my fitness journey I created a blog called Sometimes Sporty.  I became frustrated with my inability to be consistent and to build a readership base.  So blogging fell to the wayside, and I didn’t even fix the blogs when some sort of malware took them over.

This blog is being created as an outlet for whenever I do feel like blogging (and it’s not self hosted).  This blog will most likely be primarily related to fitness, but I might throw in food posts, things I’m doing with the kids, and travel related posts.

Otherwise I’m definitely going to continue posting to my Instagram accounts (SometimesSporty and SometimesIVeg) and my Facebook page for Sometimes Sporty.  So feel free to follow along there if I get back to being a terrible blogger.

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