My 2018 Goals/Targets

Many many years ago I was an student athlete doing rowing at the university level.  One of our assistant coaches would come around demanding aggressively “What’s your goal?”.  She frequently would tell me that my goal wasn’t good enough.  Her demands on my goals caused me so much anxiety that I had to work with a sports psychologist to prevent my heartrate from skyrocketing every time I got on an erg.

Back then I always had three goals in my heart. The first goal was what I publically stated, the one I knew I could hit.  The second goal was my real aim.  The tough goal that I though I would make, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself if something went wrong.  My third goal was my secret dream.  The one that if everything fell together just right I thought I might be able to reach.

Having to verbalize my second goal made me stress to a point that I hit a period of abnormal stress during erg pieces.  I had previously hit dream goals.  Under that coach I sometimes didn’t hit my first goal.

That being said, I tend to be conservative with my goals.  Its my first season back from ankle surgery and I really need to make sure I don’t push my body in a way that will cause new failures.  So the following goals and targets will most likely be surpassed unless something goes wrong.

That being said I only have one real goal this year: to stay healthy and have fun with fitness.


  • Run/walk 500 miles
  • Run 4 Half Marathons
  • Run 2:15 Half Marathon
  • Run Sub-28 min 5k

Other Sports

  • Bike 500 miles
  • Swim 30 miles
  • Row 300 km
  • Complete at least one triathlon
  • Hike one 4000ft mountain
  • Row a sub-7:50 2k erg race
  • Ski at least once


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