New York City October 2017 – Part I

Aka NYC in 4 days without a real plan.

In late September my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  To celebrate we decided to take a few kid-free days to have a mini-vacation.  We had originally considered going to Iceland, but decided that being a 5 hour drive away from our kids was probably a better idea.

We decided to fly there and rented an Air BnB, and that was the extent of our planning.  In my personality test at work a few weeks ago, they seperated the Judging and Perceiving folk on on opposite sides of the room.  We were asked how we would plan a trip.  Our group (the Ps) was a little confused, planning a trip consisted of getting a flight somewhere and maybe making a reservation or two.  The J group was even discussing packing first aid kits.

The flexible schedule makes me happy.

We had a few must see sights along the way, but overall, it was a pretty mellow trip.  We probably averaged 25,000 steps a day and did 20 mile on the citibikes in the 24 hour rental window.

So I’ll just present you with a couple posts with a bunch of pictures of our trip with some verbage to let you know what we did and what our impressions were.

Day 1 – Friday

We flew from Manchester, NH to Laguardia airport at an absurdly early time on a Friday morning of Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend.  The advantage was a beautiful sunrise while we waited for our gate at the airport.  It’s a pretty short flight.

We were staying in Brooklyn and headed over to the Air BnB first to get our keys.  We learned that even though they are only 15 miles apart, you can’t get from Laguardia to Prospect Heights in Brooklyn easily.  We rode the subway from Queens to Manhatten over to Brooklyn during rush hour.

We made it to Brooklyn and I was transported back to the time I ran the Brooklyn half marathon with Renee when I was pregnant with Little A.  I found the fountain that was right near her apartment when she lived there.NYC 2017Our AirBnB was in a great neighbourhood.  It was close to Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  We could walk to several different different subway lines.
UntitledAfter getting our keys we decided to head over to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge. We took a subway to get closer to the bridge, then joined a ton of other tourists in our walk across. The bridge has pedestrian lanes and bike lanes. I don’t know how cyclists can feel comfortable joining in that crowd.
NYC 2017We wandered our way south towards Wall Street marveling at the skyscrapers and statues.
NYC 2017
NYC 2017When we got to battery park we decided to take the boat out to the statue of liberty. It was impressive, but all the lines to get there were a little anticlimatic. We chose not to get off on Ellis Island because we didn’t want to wait in line to get back on the ferry.
NYC 2017NYC 2017NYC 2017UntitledBack on land we came across an amazing carousel called seaglass.
UntitledAfter a quick break at Starbucks (because there are so few bathrooms in NYC I went to Starbucks way too often while we were there) we headed back North to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.
NYC 2017NYC 2017NYC 2017The museum was incredibly moving, I was on the verge of tears the whole time I was there. I think it was a wonderful tribute to the people lost on that terrible day. It’s a reminder to never forget.

We finished our evening with some great Thai Food then headed back to Brooklyn.
UntitledNYC 2017After waking up super early and walking all over the place, we crashed in our rented room.

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