Ode to treadmill

People laughed when we first brought you home.  “It will be a coat rack before you know it”, people claimed.  “You run trail”, they told my husband. “What about your dog”, they told me.  But still we brought you into our house.

As our basement is really only useful for storage, we moved you into the large room over the garage.  At the time the room was poorly insulated so we didn’t really heat it in winter and it mostly became a junk room.  Despite your location one of us would frequently be found running along on your belt.

That’s not to say we used you consistently.  You were mostly a foul weather you.  When it was cold and icy, or dark and slippery you saw a lot more use.

You also got me through my husband’s business trips when I ran during naps and while the kids slept.  I especially love that I only allowed myself to watch Grey’s Anatomy while using you.

We had our bad moments, there were plenty of times I forced myself to do only 10 minutes, then 20 Minutes which somehow turned into thirty minutes.  Time rarely flies on the treadmill.  But that time helped me build resilience which was useful in half marathons and marathons.

Then we had a long separation.  A remodel occurred on the room above the garage.  And while your space was reserved, the room had ceilings walls and floors replaced.  Then I had ankle surgery which didn’t add to the rush.

When finally I was able to try you out again, I was so happy!  It wasn’t far, but it was level and posed no risk of ankle twists.

We had met again for a few more runs since then, but last night you suddenly gave up.  Maybe it was because I activated a half marathon training plan yesterday which starts on July 24th.  Trapped at a 15 degree incline, your display stopped powering up.  I wasn’t able to quickly fix you, but hubby is handy, so hopefully he will find a way.

Get better soon my friend.  I will try to not take you for granted next time.  Know that when I grumble about wanting to run outside, I’m still happy I get to run at all!


Totally unrelated I posted a video of my daughter playing with water balloons my YouTube channel.  Just a cute video to make you smile.


Has your treadmill ever broken? Did it come back to life?

How do you feel about your treadmill? I love mine a lot more when I’m not running on it at the time.

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