Potential Half Marathon Training week 2

Week 2 of potential Half Marathon training has me worrying that I may want to give up planning on a fall half this year. My ankle was feeling stiff on Sunday after going to the trampoline park with my daughter on Saturday. So it's the second week in a row that I didn't do a long run.

In better news I did get a decent amount of erging in and have completed week 1 of the Concept 2 Dog Days of summer challenge.

I'm also pleased with the consistency that is returning to my workouts. Although I need to bring strength and yoga back into the plan.

Monday: 1mi on treadmill (shoe laces got loose) + 4 mi stationary bike at the work gym.
I was still tired from my drive back from Canada and just didn't want to work out in the evening.

Tuesday: 3.6mi on treadmill + 7km erg

Wednesday: 13 mi indoor bike + 5.4 km erg

Thursday: 1.2 mi walk at lunch + 5mi evening run

Friday: 3.1 mi on trail + 1 hour muscle conditioning class

Saturday: 20 mi (with hills) on the expesso bike + 550 yd breaststroke + carrying my son around the grocery store (~30 lbs) + 1 hour at trampoline park + 1.4 mi walk

Sunday: 1.1 mi walk with stroller and dog + 4 mi night run

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