Potential Half Training Week 1

A few weeks ago I activated a training plan for a half marathon on Strava.  I’m not sure if I will run a half marathon in October, but I want to follow a training plan to see if my ankle will handle the build up in mileage.

This first week was a bit of a mess.   I was working part-time from my parents house and taking vacation part time.  Fitting in running with vacation, taking care of my kids and work was a little tough.

I’ve always been comfortable with moving days around in a training schedule so I’m happy that I got 4 days of running in, but am disappointed I didn’t shift my long run to Saturday while I was still at my parents house.  It’s early in the training cycle so I’m not going to worry about it.

MONDAY – 4.3 mile run around my parents neighborhood.  I was wearing my crazy noxgear lights (Cooper’s vest is my favorite).  My dad’s comment was “you look like an American”.  But every neighbour who was outside made positive comments about the lights.


WEDNESDAY – REST ~ 1 mile of walking the dog

THURSDAY – Spend the day visiting the zoo (at least 3 miles walking)

2.8 mile trail run to visit beautiful waterfalls.  Ball’s Falls has some lovely easy trails.  I guess some of the trails are wheelchair accessible.

FRIDAY – 1.7 mile walk carrying my 30 pound 2-year-old down the hill to see Niagara Falls.

5 mi evening Run in the suburbs and along the vineyards.  The road was somewhat narrow and I was nervous about potentially twisting my ankle again.

SATURDAY – 4.4 mi Run in my parents neighborhood.  It was heating up, so I ran in the maze of streets in the subdivision.  I wanted to stay close in case the dog started overheating. + 0.6 mi walk to the park with the kids.

SUNDAY – Unplanned rest day.  I was supposed to do a long run.  After the 9 hour drive home, with my husband still out of town, I didn’t feel like running with the stroller or finding someone to watch the kids.  Once the kids were in bed, I was too busy unpacking to get an evening workout in.

How did your workouts go this week?

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