Reading in 2017 – A 6 month Review

A fair warning:  I listen to a lot of audiobooks.  I listen to them in the car, I listen to them when I’m doing laundry, I’m even listening to one as I type out this blog post.  I also listen to books at 2X speed, because I get through them quicker that way.  I recently tried to listen to a book at normal speed, and I think I almost fell asleep.  It sounded like the sloth from Zootopia was reading to me.

I get most of my audiobooks through the library via the overdrive app.  While I do occasionally purchase books, I recommend you use your local library to get your free media.  Piracy isn’t cool.

I set out to read 75 books in 2017.  I had assumed that the momentum I had in 2016 would slow down and I would be struggling a little to meet that number.  By Mid March, I had bumped up my challenge number to 100 books.  By the end of June 2017, I had 70 books.  You can see the books I’ve read so far in 2017 on GoodReads.

So far in 2017 I’ve read:

  • More memoirs – especially those recommended during the 2016 Goodread choice awards.  These include Drew Barrymore, Anna Kendrick, Burt Reynolds and Lauren Graham
  • Less Young Adult Series – I did read the 3rd book in the Red Queen series (despite having hated the second), but have not found myself binging on dystopian love triangles.
  • Plenty of non-fiction
  • A surprising amount of books set during or shortly after the world wars.
  • A couple books where my high hopes were dashed.

My favorite book so far this year would probably be I Liked My Life (although it’s heartbreaking), All the Light We Cannot See (apparently I like sad books) and Dark Matter (exciting and novel to me).

What books should I read in the second half of 2017?
I think I need to read something lighter, or an addictive series.


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