Setting 2018 Goals

As December approaches, I’m starting to think about 2018 goals already. I like to have a general idea of my goals by the start of the new year. Being an INTP personality type I am relatively flexible with the execution of those goals and don’t tend to take planning to seriously.

Last year was a rough one on my goals. I ended up having ankle surgery in February. My ankle didn’t heal as fast as I expected so my mileage was limited. I didn’t even get to run a single half marathon in 2018!

There’s a couple items I know I will be aiming for in 2018.

  • The CRASH-Bs 2k erg in February
  • Old Port Half Marathon in June
  • The Circle Triathlon in September (I deferred this year’s entry after the event was canceled for weather this year)

There’s lot of other measureable goals I would like to aim for. These are the easy to set yearlong goals. If I reach the number its a fun bonus. I’m just not sure what number to assign yet.

  • Total distance run
  • Total distance erged
  • Total distance swimming
  • Total distance biked
  • Total Books read

The harder goals to set are the specific ones. The ones where I chase a pace or a distance. The ones where I want to complete a specific activity. Here’s some examples I’m playing with

  • Run a X minute 5k
  • Run X half marathons
  • Take the kids camping in the White Mountains
  • Complete the 2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge
  • Travel to [location]
  • Get my rowing shell back on the water
  • Hike at least one 4000ft mountain
  • Paint at least one painting
  • Strength goals – lift 100lbs on a clean
  • Take a strength training class
  • Reach X followers on instagram.

I’ll probably also try to set at least some professional goals in 2018.  I’m preparing to take the Certified Quality Engineer Exam in December 2017, so I’ll be cutting it pretty close to this year’s deadline.  Lets hope I pass.

What goals are you setting in 2018?

How do you chose a number on your quantifyable goals?

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