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This week was incredibly cold in New Hampshire.  We went from unseasonably warm November to one of the coldest Decembers I can remember.  The temperatures were generally in the single digits and that’s if you didn’t factor in the wind chill.

Being the dutiful mom that I am, I brought my 5-year old daughter to ski class all 5 days.  Our week went like this:

  • Day 1: Crying because she doesn’t want to attend class.  We end up watching the other kids in class for a while before she decides to join in.
  • Day 2: She is quite happy to start with the class.  But about mid-way, after having been released on the slope for a short stretch, she’s in tears over being scared of the speed and frustrated about not being able to do Pizza.
  • Day 3: Miserable day.  Forcasted windchill weather of -15F.  I convince her to go to class by promising her I will let her buy goggles of her own.  Because it’s so cold, lots of kids don’t show up and she basically gets a private lesson.  Note: Being a Ski mom on this day sucked too.
  • Day 4: Teacher doesn’t have a helper this day.  All three girls in the class are in a goofy mood and they are on the snow making snow angels every chance they get.  The teacher spends his day picking up kids.  At the end of this class, my daughter was upset that the next day would be the last, because she loves her teacher and will miss him.
  • Day 5: Basically ends up being a private lesson again because there’s a helper and a student doesn’t show up.  She goofs off a lot but spends much of the class giggling.

I think we will be going back tomorrow as a mommy and daughter day.  I think because of the cold snap, they are offering free lift tickets to kids in the class and $15 lift tickets for accompanying parents.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep some of her momemtum going.

We have been taking her classes at McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester, NH.  We are lucky to have this small ski area only a 15 minute drive away from our home.  The snowsports school session she did was the little Macs (4-6 year olds) Christmas Vacation lession program, which run for 5 consecutive days.  I was really impressed with the small class size.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the cold temperature or because the girls had no experience though.

Cost breakdown of getting my daughter started in skiing is as follows

  • Consignment jacket and snowpants: $30 (needed for winter in NH anyways)
  • Ski Swap
    • Skis – $65
    • Boots – $25
    • Helmet – $20
    • Total – $110
  • Good mittens: a gift from grandma last year
  • Ski socks – $15 (+lesson discount at pro shop)
  • Ski Binding Remount – $30 (after lesson discount – normally $60)
  • Googles – $30 (+leson discount at pro shop)
  • Ski Lessons – $165 (+tip for instructor)

We got 5 days of lessons, and will get one day of free skiing (and discounted skiing for parent).  The skis should last her two seasons and will be good for my son when he’s her age.  I was cleaver enough to convince her she wanted unisex colors 😀

I am hoping to work with her a little this winter on sledding slopes.  I’m actually already considering doing a private sesson with her later in the year as well.

Do you known how to ski?

Are your kids ski bunnies?


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