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I live near a small zoo/farm called Charmingfare farms.  On Independence Day, my daughterconvinced me to stop by the farm for an hour.  I learned something new about alpacas.  Although Alpaca’s seem like quiet animals, they make a strange, loud, humming noise while breeding.

I’ve been an animal buff my whole life and had no idea that this is what they do!  From my understanding alpacas hum to indicate pleasure.  But I can’t help but imagine it may have to do with induced ovulation as alpacas do not have regular estrous cycles.

Lets hope they are successful and that we will have another adorable baby alpaca to visit in less than a year.

Baby Alpaca

Sea Glass

I found lots of sea glass while wandering the beach of Mont-St-Pierre with the kids.  Some of the smaller pieces are a gorgeous brilliant blue, but most are of a green shade.  Its so fun to find these beautiful gems on the shore, but its concerning to think of the sharp broken glass that went into the ocean to create it.
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Water ballons

My daughter convinced me to get her some water balloons.  So much work to make them.  But she had so much fun throwing them at the ground. I would say it was worthwhile.

I’m actually debating if I should get one of those quick water balloon kits. Has anyone tried them with success or failure?



I felt lucky this year.  I got to spend both St-Jean Baptiste (Quebec’s National Holiday) and Canada Day in Quebec, and I spent Independence day in New Hampshire.  I feel like I got a triple holiday.  While we didn’t go to any huge fireworks displays, I enjoyed a beautiful bonfire on the Beach in Mont-St-Pierre.
Gaspesie Instagram posts

It just felt good to be in the respective countries for each holiday.  Especially because when I was younger, I used to try to spend each independence day in Canada.  I feel like spending the holidays in the appropriate country helps me maintain my roots.

My favorite part of holidays lately has probably been dressing for the occasion.  I love the American Compression Socks by Crazy compression so much.  I actually wore both my new pairs on the Fourth of July!


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