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Good Tuesday morning!   Today I’m joining in with the Tuesdays on the Run blog post prompts.  Because I didn’t really have a running goal this month I’m going to write about last week’s prompt: What do you love/hate about summer running?  And seeing as I have a mostly hate relationship with summer running, I’m going to try to point out as many positives as I can.


Overall I’m not a fan of summer running.  If you ask my my favorite running season it would definitely be fall.  The main reasons I don’t love it are:

  • Heat:  In the middle of the day, taking a lunch run from a nicely air conditioned office into swealtering heat can be a bit too much of a shock on my system.  Also I can’t always bring my canine running partner with me because of his coat and the heat from the pavement.
  • Chaffe:  Nasty sweat can also result in nasty chaffe.  Especially painful bra chaffe.  Every bra I own has this problem, just to different degrees.  The only cure is lots of body glide.
  • Humidity:  On especially humid days (which happens often in New England and almost daily in the Great Lakes region I am from) I find even breathing to be difficult

  • Racing:  I race infrequently in the summer because its hard to predict race day conditions.  I’m not going to run in 90F heat at 10am on a course with no shade.



  • Night Running:  For years, night running scared me.  A couple years ago I purchased appropriate night running gear (LOVE my noxgear) and started running at night to train for Reach the Beach (a 200-mile team relay race).  I really started appreciating night running
    • The Stillness
    • Stars and moon
    • Shooting stars!
    • Lighting my way
    • Not being able to see the top of the hill I’m aiming for
    • The time alone with my dog
    • Feeling like I’m the only person awake (at least when I’m home in rural NH)

  • Dunking in ponds after runs:  When it’s hot out, the ponds heat up quickly.  But even when they feel like bath water they are so pleasant after a hot run.
  • Daylight: being able to run in the evening, when it’s starting to cool off, but still being able to see.  Come fall it’s rare that I can run outside after work.
  • Nature:  Summer is a beautiful sea of green where I live.  I see birds, frogs, turtles and mammals all wandering about their merry way.
  • Group Runs:  I’m pretty sure more runners prefer summer running, at least when they can do it first thing in the morning.  Group runs have way more participants in the summer months.  It’s so pleasant when I feel like joining in.

  • Cross-training:  When the heat is too oppressive for running, I don’t mind heading to the gym to swim, bike or elliptical.  I just remind myself that I’m not melting on the sidewalks.


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How do you feel about summer running?  Love it? Hate it?

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