Those snowstorm blues (TOL #13)

I’m currently at home with both my kids because New Hampshire is in the middle of a big snowstorm.  I was lucky that our daycare took them for the morning, so I could get some work done.  The storm intensity was strong enough that our facility closed shortly before I had to pick them up.  I still have my 2018 goal post in the draft folder so I might post twice today.  Seeing as I have some time while I hang out watching Doc McStuffins I figured I would join in on Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

If you don’t know what TOL is, it’s a linkup hosted by Running with Spoons that encourages free-form writing.

 1. Winter Warrior Challenge

If you follow along on Instagram you may notice I’ve been running outside every day of January so far.  That’s because I signed up for a challenge in which I need to run or walk at least 1 mile per day outside during the month of January.  It’s hosted by Runner’s Alley, which is one of our local running stores. It sounded like a great idea at the time I signed up.  But this year has been incredibly and consistently cold, especially compared to Januarys of recent memory.

I think I was fortunate that I had the acclimatization period from watching my daughter’s ski class during the last week of December.  So far I’ve been able to manage a 3 mile a day streak which puts me in the silver level of the challenge  I have no illusion that I will maintain the silver level challenge, but it’s been fun to keep up for now.  My priority this year is listening to my ankle.  I’ll drop down to a 1-mile walk if I need to.

Our women’s running group has several teams in the challenge.  It’s kind of fun to see how they are stacking up against each other.  Although I wish the rankings were weighed based on active group members.

Follow along with people challenging themselves in the NH winters #winterwarriornh.

2. DoYouYoga Challenge

January is always when I’m reminded of my absolute lack of flexibility.  I end up joining a yoga challenge and I quickly realise I should have been doing yoga all along.  I’m trying an all abilities yoga challenge through DoYouYoga.   The hashtag is #DoYouYogain2018. I love all the people putting themselves out there showing the extent of their yoga abilities.  My attempts are a little humourous sometimes.  Especially in any poses that require hamstring flexibility.

3. PhotoADay Challenge

I’ve tried to do a photo-a-day challenge so many times in the past.  So who knows how many days I will keep this streak going, but if you want to follow I’m using the hashtag #sometimesphotoaday2018 which will probably mostly be on my sometimesiveg instagram account.

4. Toddlers

While I was writing this post I stopped to check on my 2.5 year old son.  He was busy flooding the bathroom using our sink.  So good times over here ;-).  No picture because, I was more worred about the water spilling onto the floor than anything.

5. Streaks App

Earlier this month I downloaded a “productivity” app which helped track tasks that needed to happen.  It kept track of streaks too.  So you could remind yourself to floss daily or do at least 5 runs a week.  But the app cost $12 a year.

I was pretty happy with the Streaks App (which I’ve just started using again) last year.  It’s $5 from the apple app store, but it’s a one time cost.  It connects with the health feature on the phone so it can track use of mindfulness apps or tracking weight.  New this year is that you can make a goal be a specific number of times a week and you can track up to 12 goals.

6. Snowstorm

The snow is really coming down now outside.  I don’t mind the snow, what I do mind is the layer of ice at the base of that snow.  We had an ice storm just before Christmas, and it just has not gotten warm enough to melt that layer.  The kids are disappointed that we aren’t getting snowman snow.  I’m worried about the extreme cold this snowstorm is supposed to have behind it.

But I’m grateful for the changes in season.  I’m thankful for our warm home.  And I love snuggles on the couch with two of my favorite people.


Stay Warm Friends!

How is the weather where you live?

Are you doing any fun January Challenges to kick start your year?

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