Thoughts on Halfs and Water Balloons (TOL #1)

Back when I used to blog on this domain I used to participate in Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud.  Because it’s my first time doing it in quite some time (and I lost my blog archive from back then) I’m starting back at #1.


Half Marathon Training

I had ankle surgery in February.  Significant enough surgery that the first half of 2017 was filled with a great deal more cross-training than running shoe miles.  While my ankle isn’t perfect yet, I decided to activate a half-marathon training plan on Strava.  IF training goes well, and IF I don’t think I’ll reinjure my ankle, I hope to run either the Traveler’s Half Marathon or the Smuttynose Half Marathon.  Both races are held on October 1st this year.  If they fill up before I’m ready to register, I’ll take it as a sign that I shouldn’t be running a race.

I’m also not tied to racing a half this year.  I’ve appreciated all the cross-training I’ve been doing lately and I’m worried that getting too focused on a training plan might reduce my time spent doing other things. 

Training plan starts July 24th, wish me luck!

Water balloons 

Last time I did a random summary type post, I mentioned that my daughter loved her first water balloons experience (video here).  I ended up buying a bag of Bunch O Balloon (~$8 for 100) and they were significantly more convenient.

We didn’t follow the instructions that recommended we fill them in a smooth bottom container with water in it, so we lost more than planned.  The kids had a blast (see this video of the experience).

It would be worthwhile as a special treat while my kids are little enough that they can’t fill their own water balloons.  But I’m of the mindset that at a certain age, if you want to play with water balloons you can fill them yourself.

Mint in my water

I’m a little obsessed with drinking water with mint in it lately.  I got a couple “designer mints” from my CSA.  My latest obsession, chocolate mint.

Current Reads and Watches

I just finished two books last night: Mastering Civility and The 5th Wave.  The first is about how to handle rude behavior in the workplace (including recognizing it in yourself).

The 5th wave is about an alien invasion.   I wouldn’t recommend listening to the audiobook version of the 5th wave while trail running at night with only your dog.  There’s a lot of action scenes and some “love triangles/rectangles/not sure what to call it”.  It was enjoyable and different than other books I’ve read lately, but maybe a little unrealistic and dark.  I’m not sure I was engaged enough to continue the series.

I’m still struggling through finishing Natural Born Heroes.  I loved the author’s first book (Born to Run), but this new one isn’t inspiring me the same way.  I’m not sure, but I think it’s because he’s only talking about these amazing people who are able to use their bodies biomechanics to perform amazing feats rather than giving advice on how to implement it in our own lives.  Also I’m reading the EBook rather than the audiobook, so I feel like I’m thrudging through it.

What’s new in your life?

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    • The individual ones are so much work and it doesn't help when you have a four year old asking every ten seconds if they are ready to throw yet. Thanks for stopping by.

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