Weekly Recap – Training for Nothing

I’m not training for anything right now.  Ok, I’m training to strengthen my left ankle (I had surgery in February) and to understand where my fitness is.  Ideally I would love to run a half marathon (or two) in October, but I want to see where my fitness takes me.

I’m still really loving cross-training right now, but also did my first runs back on my home treadmill.  I used to run outside at night (decked out in crazy lights), but i’m not brave enough to resume that yet.

Monday June 12th, 2017

Elliptical 1.2 mi
Bike 8.6 mi
Walk 1.5 mi

I didn’t feel like going outside at lunch, so I headed to the gym at work.  I hopped onto the elliptical for a few minutes until the bike was available.  Once the kids were in bed I walked the dog 1.5 miles.

Tuesday June 13th, 2017

Bike 12.1 mi
Walk 1.5 mi

Another indoor workout, I sweat buckets on the work indoor bike.  Then in the evening I took my dog for another walk (I kind of like him).

Wednesday June 14, 2017

Run 2.7 mi

Wednesday was not my day.  It was like 9:30pm and I hadn’t gotten a workout in.  I was working hard on finding excuses not to run.  So I talked myself into a mile on the threadmill.  My first time back on her since the renovation progress has allowed her reinstallation.  I talked myself into over a half hour 🙂

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Thursday June 15th, 2017

Elliptical 2.5 mi
Bike 5mi
Run 4.3 mi

I spend a lot of my lunches working out indoors lately.  Our gym only has one bike and its in high demand, so I did some elliptical before hopping on the bike.  That evening I put Beauty and the Beast on and ran for a nice long time on my threadmill.

Friday June 16th, 2017

Walk 1.7 mi

A quick walk to the outlets to get new bras (riveting I know).  This is pretty close to what I consider my rest day.

Saturday June 17, 2017

Biking 16.2 mi
Running 3.2 mi

Spent part of my morning walking around Concord with the kids and enjoying the farmer’s market.  When I finally talked them into going to KidsZone I enjoyed some time on the Expresso bike… playing games.  But I played 16 miles of games so I think that’s pretty good. Later in the day I went for a run in Hooksett which was a slogfest.  I can’t expect every day to be pretty and easy.  I’m still building up strength and stamina. (I did get to run across a pretty railroad bridge)

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Sunday June 18th, 2017

Biking: 17.9 mi
Swim: 500 yards
Running: 1.2 mi
Walking 1.2 mi

Kidzone hours is basially when I get to ride on the Expresso bike now.  I did Drifter’s peak and more games.  Then I found myself sweaty and in need of a shower with half an hour left of kidzone time.  So I hopped in the pool for a short 10 minute swim.  I need to get back to swimming more often.  Felt so good, but I really need my headphones.


Later in the day I ran the Dorrs pond loop while the kids played in the park with my husband (spoiler it was warm and I slogged).  Then I took the dog for a walk in the evening.


I know this summary isn’t perticularly riveting (I’m more interested in the lack of yoga, TRX or other cross-training this week), but this blog is more for me.  Next week is a big week for preparation for our vacation.  Packing and wrapping up work will be crazy.  I’ll be happy if I can get 30 minutes of exercise a day.

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