Weekly RoundUp – Mid Nov 2017

All I’m trying to really accomplish right now is some base building for running and the erg as well as starting to work on strength. I have a few ideas of what i want to try to do next but nothing firm.

Hoping I’ll start seeing more constancy in the coming weeks as well and continuing to build mileage on the ankle

Monday, Nov 6th– 10 minutes of body weight exercises

Tuesday Nov 7th– 3.3 mi Run (12:06 min/mi)

Warm-up – 10 min 2018m Row, 40minute 8524m Row

Wednesday Nov 8th – 1 hour 12,791m Row (cooldown 5 minutes 1034m)

Thursday Nov 9th – 0.7 mi walk at lunch

10 min Kettlebell (35 lbs)

36 min Row 7513m

Friday Nov 10th – 1.5 mi walk at lunch

Saturday Nov 11th – 4.5 miles – 45 minute Interval ladder on treadmill (1:00 at 4.8mph, 2:00 at 6.0 ->6.5->6.0) + 3 minute cooldown
5 minutes TRX

Sunday Nov 12th – 1.15 miles – 10 minutes Zero Runner

Strength – Arms

5.6mi – 25 minutes Expresso Bike Game

8 min Exercise Ball Abs

4.1mi Run (11:59 min/mi)


15.4 mi Run/Walk

5.6 mi Bike

31880m Row

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